Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ore no Jonda-sama Nabeimeso Pork Floss NRVNSQR CHAOS

Jon Lim / Ore no Jonda-sama Nabeimeso Pork Floss NRVNSQR CHAOS

A boy, Jonda, X age, was found dead at the entrance of his bathroom, face down on the floor. He leaves behind nothing, not a note, just his computer turned on, navigated to a online ticketing site, he had planned to catch a afternoon movie.

The police came to a conclusion that Jonda’s death was accidental, claiming the boy came out of the shower and slipped on the floor rug. The toilet floor was indeed wet and the rug was out of place, it was a reasonable explanation. His family, knowing he was quite the klutz, decided not to pursue the matter further.

Two years later, a friend named Kyoko, who had just returned from studies aboard, hears about the shocking news and instantly visits his home. While paying her last respects in Jonda’s room, she decides to look around for a memento of sorts. Just as she leaves, she turns on his computer, for that was where most of their time was spent. Kyoko browses through his web history and through password manager, manages to excess his social networking accounts and finds a link to his online web journal…

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