Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TVC: Teamchemist Versus Citibankers

as previously reported, Capcom was rumoured to be in the running to develop the first ever Teamchemist arcade fighting game, but it seems now that the project has fallen into their rival game developers from China, Capdog. the game in question, Teamchemist Versus Citibankers (TVC), is a 2v2 tag system arcade fighting game similar in style to familiar games such as Marvel Versus Capcom 1 and X-Men Versus Street Fighter.

Team Xialan was privileged enough to get a chance to sit down with Capdog's Community Manager and Producer, Seth Kee Lan, to talk more about Teamchemist Versus Citibankers.

tell us Seth, what drove Capdog to make such a fighting game?
well, the demand was high. and we always try to give what the fans want. Teamchemist of cause, have been like idols in the arcades, boasting such colourful characters and always spotting the highest level of fashion, we just couldn't pass out this chance.

cool. i'm a big fan of Teamchemist, so what's the roster gonna be like?
oh, all your favourite Teamchemist heroes will be there. Reset King... Seanchemist... you know, the bunch.

no Grandmasterchemist?
how could we possibly leave out Grandmasterchemist, Don the Discoverer. we've packed him in with his BOAT as well!

what about the Citibankers?
as of now, i can only reveal to you Predator Ken and Harold. we've designed all Citibankers, whether they are rushdown type, shoto type or grapple type, all Citibankers will always have a 2 direction projectile (straight and air) called the Credit Card, kind of similiar to Gambit's Cajun Strike and Gouken's EX Haodouken in Super Street Fighter 4. look out for more to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

and for Teamchemist? what are their fighters like?
let's see... Reset King has a certain glitch in him that stops him from doing more then 2 hits in a combo, Seanchemist is unable to walk forward, unless via the Jumping Shogoku... Roy, the Straighterner, is kind of like Omega Red featuring a level 3 Tentacle Rape Ultra.

wow! that's just ultimate Teamchemist in action!
that's right... we're really looking forward to this one.

are they gonna feature alternate costumes?
yes of cause! Seanchemist's gonna have an option to switch into his Bus Conductor attire. Reset King, DJ Major Setbacks and Uncle Sagat are all able to switch into their PAF1 attire.

alright Seth, just before we go, tell us please, who is the last boss for Teamchemist Versus Citibankers?
Kara Ken.

WHAT!? no shit! Kara Ken is in the game!?
yes he is. i won't say much, except that he's equipped with a level 3 unblockable 1+(0) frame all terrain command grab ultra...

(simultaneously) "bro, i think it's best you take cab go back"

and that's all the time we have left. this is Team Xialan, feeling it with Capdog's Seth Kee Lan, signing out.

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