Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Chan Yong Hui / Vx

An avid gamer all his life, Vx first became serious about learning how to play the various Marvel games. However perhaps due to the fact that he was a fat and awkward kid, nobody wanted to teach him.

Happily when Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released the internet had hit a golden age, allowing for players from all over to garner advice on how to play. This coincided with the completion of his metamorphosis into the stunning looker he is today, and brought him into the merry world of competitive gaming and shit talking.

As one of the few players capable of eloquent public speaking and actually constructing grammatically correct sentences, or conversely, one of the few emcees knowledgable about video games, he has generously, through the sheer benevolence of his being volunteered his time in hosting various events at TKA Virtualand, the multi-national K.O. Episode 1 held at TGX '09 as well as the recently concluded Battle Medley Singapore 2010 and SBO Tougeki 2010 Singapore Qualifiers.

A true Chaotic Neutral, Vx is a fan of all things random and mash, as evidenced by his choice of Magneto/Sentinel/Tron in MvC2. He can often be heard before he's spotted, and is as easily identified by the constant stream of profanities and inanities coming from him as much as the grey mini-fedora he has been sporting since 2008. His proudest moments were introducing the term 'Dog' as verb, adverb, adjective and noun into bugis nomenclature, and helping to make chicken WING a sellout crowd favourite at the SBO 2010 Grand Finals.

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