Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blazblue CS Chalet

What's happening xialanners. After a long period of dormancy due to a variety of issues including but not limited to imbibing copious amounts of alcohol and anti-depressants i've finally come back to make my first post here. Shoutouts to Jonda the Vice-Capt for keeping the xialanning alive during my dogging.

Anyways, with the SF4 scene chilling and smoking a joint till super comes out in the arcade Team XL has been looking for new avenues to make some noise and bring the HYPE. So the next few events Team XL will be rocking up to are Blazblue Continuum Shift events. Why BB:CS you ask? Simple, because if ever there was a community in need of a Team XL makeover, it's the BB:CS community. Well, that and because i'm the one organizing the tournaments. So remember to stay tuned not only to here, but also Rebel2SG on twitter for more updates on upcoming BB:CS tournaments and news. (Hint: There's something going to happen on the 25th you heard it here first)

And on the 17th - 19th of September we have the BB:CS chalet. Team Xialan will be in attendance, to bring the hype and noise. Or more specifically Vx aka Boss will be there. So i guess Team Xia will be there. Team Lan, Jonda aka Vice-Capt will probably drop by too. All friends and fans of BlazBlue are welcome, and even friends who don't play the game are welcome to drop by and have a drink on saturday night. More details below.

Till next time xialanners,

With the success of the inaugral BlazBlue 2v2 Tournament held last month, BBSG is proud to present our next event, a fun filled community gathering held at Costa Sands Resort from the 17th of September to the 19th .
You’ve had a feel of the competitive nature of the community at the 2v2, now come experience the friendship and camaraderie. Watch Jaeshi try to shishigami ninpo the wall, watch Faylar get trolled repeatedly by Vx, watch Kuni steal every single prawn we cook! A community is only as vital as its members, so come on down and get to know your fellow players better. The organiziers for the next tournament (oh yes, it’s coming) will be there as well, so if you have any burning questions you wanted to ask but didn’t feel comfortable doing so in public, just hit up Vx or Lionel while they’re inebriated at the chalet, they might even let you in on the details for the next few tournaments.

But of course, what is a chalet of gamers without games. There’ll be nonstop playtime going on for the duration of the chalet on two consoles. Feel like you levelled up since the tournament? Weren’t able to join the tournament because you were slow? Feel like you’ve become a better troll thanks to observing Team Xialan? Come on down and show everyone what you’ve got! If enough people are staying over, we’ll conduct special event style competitions in the middle of the night, with special prizes to be awarded in various categories!
Steal, discuss and experience the best and latest strategies and combos from the veteran players, beat them and make them BBQ you a chicken WING., it’s all good. EVERYONE, especially the newer players , is encouraged to attend the BBQ on 18th Sept, where most of the community will be. Even if you can’t stay, drop by and mingle for abit, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to make friends there.
Places are limited, so register fast!

Shoutouts and special Thanks to  Kuni, Hannybaba and Jae who generously donated their time and money towards making this chalet a success.

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