Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maltura - Character Profile

"I cannot tickit!"

Maltura Chuasugano (麦芽ソラ チュア秀ガーノ) is a player in the Singapore Street Fighter scene. He is a 24-year-old (as of Street Fighter 4) Singaporean uniboy who has an intense fascination with Gackt. He has managed to copy and learn some of Gackt's techniques, but really wants him to train him personally.

Maltura typically fights in his running t-shirt, a FBT shorts (Ah Legs) with his Targus bag tugged underneath the cabinet. He has short black hair.

Chronologically, Maltura first appeared at Century Square, where he had begun to participate in Street Fighting tournaments after watching Gackt win a 3v3 Tournament with his girlfriend and Peihoon.

Maltura fights in an emulated version of Gackt's fighting style. He can successfully manipulate Plink and is subsequently able to perform the "Fits" energy attack (however, due to his lack of training, he cannot keep it at full length of duration like Gackt can). Unlike Gackt and other warriors from the same style, however, he can control the sound of his voice and throw larger verbal projectiles that sacrifice victory and combo execution for entertainment and laughs (all night). In the Teamchemist vs. Citibankers series, he throws his verbal projectiles directly at Seanchemist, though his "Hiyakeshita" (literally "Sunburned") version still throws them horizontally at opponents).

His other attacks include the "Shououken Smash", a version of the "Gackt Shoryu" that sees him jumping off his seat before executing the attack (weak version is very similar to a normal Shoryuken, but with an extended delay; when performed with the Fierce punch button, the attack can hit 6 times as he is running toward his opponent).

His super attacks include his own interpretations of the "GaccckkktttTTT" (the Shinkuu-Hadoken, like his regular projectile, will not cover the full length of the screen) and "GS (Gackt Sweep)"

- lifted and edited from The Street Fighter Wiki

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