Friday, September 17, 2010


As everyone may or may not know, members of Team Xialan are teachers in their day to day lives. Jonda teaches Art, and i've recently been invited to teach Confident Speaking to primary school children. Teaching is a wonderful experience, particularly for me because my job basically entails teaching the next generation how to be Xialan.

However there are moments where a little too much Team XL spirit seeps into things, such as this particular moment during my first class last week. I was telling the kids a story about the power and limitations of self-belief. Halfway through, i lapsed into shouting MODE by accident. It went something like this:

"And then the fire CAME, and the zoo keepers were all running aROUND, but they didn't release the elephants, because they thought 'you are an elePHANT, you can just run aWAY'"

And my class stopped me and asked "Boss, boss how come the zookeeper talks so funny?"

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