Monday, November 29, 2010


shoutouts to Mary-Anne


the Singapore GameFEST is finally over.

Team Xialan was there educating (and for some, re-educating) the various gamers in Singapore from their various gaming genres, life counseling subjects like race diversity for sports in Singapore (football and basketball in question), the dressing room and docking...

we are proud of the fact that we got all you guys pumped and hyped over games your mother told you never to play, under the influence of Pitbull. like i said, an hour ago, you were probably at the Singapore GameFEST, but right now, you're at the HOTEL MOTEL HOLIDAY INN.

Team Xialan also expanded their already very diverse repertoire, Vx would have given you Taiko commentary, if his mic wasn't cut off for the 23948259286928629689626th time, lucky for me, Ore no Jonda-sama, on Day 3, i blew it up with the Jubeat guys... they loved it, i loved it as well.

this is for you, Jubeat.

and of cause, the GOH, she was blown up too.

we've got some shoutouts we want to give... the Dragonica girls with the mascots, we're glad we could do you girls a favour by getting more people to have their photos taken (it pays to be cute). shoutouts to Special Forces with the wonderful free t-shirts and light pens, really cool stuff... shoutouts to Kim from PMS* Asterisk, tolerating and playing along with our bullshit time after time. Abang DJ, shoutouts to you! for putting on that HOTEL MOTEL HOLIDAY INN upon request. shoutouts to the tiny but enthusiastic boys and girls from the Jubeat/Taiko community... shoutouts to E.Tan and Daw, the Adonis-like men from Project RAMPAGE and all our good, good friends in the Street Fighter community for coming down, playing their hearts out, and giving us a reason to blow things up.

and talking about the Street Fighter community... very good, you've successfully turned Day 2 of the Singapore GameFEST into an OktoberFEST.

we'll leave you now with one last thought, to always remember that Florence lied, when she said the dog days were over.


  1. We received requests to cut off your mics, even from your own community members. SCOGA apologizes if telling you nicely didn't work. You truly lived up to your name. Thanks for bringing the house down and all the best to your future events.

  2. no worries Nicholas, we're just glad the event is over. i do admit, some parts of our show was inappropriate and i apologise because talking nicely doesn't work.