Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate

This was originally a response to the thread on round1, but Sam very sneakily locked it just as i was about to post it. All i can say is.... Tekken players always like that one. I encourage everyone to go read carzy and sam's original posts, which have some very valid and solid insights. This is merely my response.

Mrmm Mrmm. Good points made by carzy and sam, will definitely take into consideration. However, a few points to note.

Technical Commentary was given, up on the main stage during the top 8. The things people were complaining about took place during either the early qualifiers, or the for fun team event / casuals. Technical Commentary is also only feasible when there's a crowd of new people / bystanders around, such as during the finals. For the most part of the three days, the only people sitting around our booth watching were our own players and there's only a certain number of times you can explain a focus attack or option select to someone who does it on a daily basis before they tell you to shut your mouth.

And while the objectives Carzy has raised (Raising the competitive level/Create awareness/Bond building) are all noble and worthy causes, i think some misunderstanding has occurred here. To put it bluntly, these are NOT my objectives when i show up for a tournament. I do not claim to speak for PR or Team XL on this, but my personal goal at every event has always been to make sure the players have a good time, and walk away with new fond memories of time spent with their friends not 'bugis players'. A goal which i believe we've achieved time and time again.

While i fully agree with the sentiment that not everyone likes our colloquial style of conversation and trash talking (nor should they blindly do so!) once again the first and foremost concern for me is that we're enjoying ourselves and having fun. So again with reference to my own objectives stated above, i have to say that changing the way we speak to create an artificially 'safe' environment with which to potentially attract new players smacks of hypocrisy to self.

Again, this is strictly my personal perspective, and as always nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. If Team XL / PR or whoever else decides to host a tournament/series/cup/whatever and asks for my help, i'll either toe the party line or decline. Do note that this isn't an attack on anyone's personal values, just an expression of my own.

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