Friday, November 5, 2010

you only get one chance to stand on a platform made of rocks, with a beer in one hand, and a declaration in the other

i was a common man with a white collar and a red bow-tie, minding my own business in the caravan with a inch of salt on my back and a slab around my neck. i had wanted to there, the dessert, in search of camels, the animal, not the cigarette, to be led to a oasis, a fountain of youth, to refine my pass glories. i could have sworn i would make it back on time. but what do i have. i quit my day job as Aladdin, only to find Onyx has left his Pokeball, so you think you're some punk now la. i go to work, with my briefcase full of cash. give a minion a king's task, and i handled it with so much care. i made pigeons look like the modern day chinchilla, i was so good with what i have done. i quit my day job as a factory man, who work in a world of wild animals. offering them a home and a ring to jump over, a servitude. never once had i asked for a token, a form of gratitude, i don't even care, i just do it. i quit my day job to become a zookeeper, with monkeys as my specialty. although these days, i can't be too sure anymore. maybe i'm more adapt at rearing monkeys, but somedays, i feel like they're becoming morons. i have created a pent for monkeys to exist. to work and to play. and say thanks jon, here's a stick up your ass, you've been a great pal. i quit my day job to stomach alcohol in exchange for sleep. i wish i was back outside that bicycle shop, concussed and clueless. breathing fire down my own neck and driving poor girls to wash up after me. as i wake and go, wash up after other people's shit. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, taking care of rats and monkeys who feed and spread diseases. i had cease to exist, been utterly erased, still i find no comfort in this bottle of a beast, so sang Dashboard Confessional, whom i so love, in my most dogging of days. things that were relevant 2 years ago, seem so distant now. they put an EX infront of girlfriend, when it made no sense at all. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, entertaining rats and monkeys with a rubber nose and juggling bowling pins. i had build a hole for them to crawl, and put a ring up just so they could jump over. they love it. they love it so much that they walk all over me. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, rearing rats and monkeys alike, so much so that i no longer can tell the difference between the other. i would love to have sex right now, with a monster girl of sorts, there are uses for people like that in the world. they are the deadweight, the punching bag, the potato sack, home with a hole. i think sex could not numb me, nothing ever can. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, taking care of rats and monkeys to a point where i can no longer remember, if i ever was human at all.

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