Sunday, December 19, 2010


i see you Jimmy, you're a dog from across the room. and we're not worried about starving, we have proper jobs where we behave properly in the eyes of people like you, the society, who deem it fit. our lives are a joke, all we do is expand on this idea and blow it up. not just our lives, your lives as well, we're the ones laughing the loudest. so stay neat, in that G2000 blazer, pants and shoes. you don't get to look at yourself, whoring it up on the scene, but we do. i guess, like us, you're expanding on the idea of being a slut, i respect that, in a bizarre manner. commonly misplaced feelings aren't forgotten, just tugged under your feet so you step on them everywhere. there are two things. one is that they're telling it like it is, two is i'm deaf.

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