Friday, December 24, 2010

Tangled - A Movie Review

i watched Tangled/Rapunzel today with the guys from Teamchemist and Andy Ho. it is the best movie ever, of 2010.

it was the single most life-changing experience of my life in this lifetime, watching Rapunzel with 4 other men, getting all teary-eyed when Rapunzel almost lost the love of her life.

but such is the power of this movie, that it reignited the passion to live and to love in me. i came out of the cinema with a new found belief in love, the good love, that it will, and it can prevail, irregardless of selfish old women, or greedy twins.

love is the absolute, and if you believe in love, wholeheartedly and unwavering, a happy ending is yours, for all of eternity.

"and at last i see the light."

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