Wednesday, December 28, 2011

nononononono - Jon vs Spanish Jon

One Christmas morning, over very expensive and uninspiring Bak Kut Teh, we met the Spanish incarnation of a Vice Capt.

The similarities were uncanny.

You see, this drunken man, crashed our breakfast table, starting off with some compliments, which is all good, until he repeats it for at least 5 times throughout his brief inception.

(To Vx) - "You have a nice hat. It is very fashion. In Spanish, we call it "Attractivo.""

(To Hui Min) - "You have very nice hair. Where are you from?"

(To Jon) - "You are a nice guy."

He even comes with self-pity and crabbing... Telling us how he's lonely in Singapore as his family is back in Spain. And also how his girlfriend had broken up with him, 2 weeks ago. His crabbing lines were quite good, and I'm sure The Crabs would nod in approval.

"You know when you break up, you always say "fuckitfuckitfuckit" but when you give your heart to a girl, you give it, and even if you say "fuckitfuckitfuckit", you still feel break."

(To Vx) - "You have a nice hat. It is very fashion. In Spanish, we call it "Attractivo.""

(To Hui Min) - "You have very nice hair. Where are you from?"

(To Jon) - "You are a nice guy."

He told us to come to lunch with him. That he would treat us to some Chorizo. While I tried my best to ignore him, he commented, while watching me use my chopsticks gracefully, that he wants to learn how to use the chopsticks too.

"You know duckenoodle? You know? Oh C'monnnnnn you don't know duckenoodle?"

(It took us awhile to figure out, beneath his thick Spanish accent, that he meant "Duck Noodles.")

(To Vx) - "You have a nice hat. It's very fashion. In Spanish, we call it "Attractivo."

(To Hui Min) - "You have very nice hair. Where are you from?

(To Jon) - "You are a nice guy."

At some point, I must have felt that he was trying to come on to Hui Min, which Vx would argue that he was actually coming on to him, because Vx says, no Man on earth would nudge and tickle another Man constantly after every sentence. 

I think it was somewhere around here (Or maybe even earlier) that he started this high pitch delirious sounding way of saying "no", very fast and many times, much to the likeness of how I would imitate Mr. Alpaca's voice. Again, the many uncanny similarities. 

(To Vx) - "You have a nice hat. It is very fashion. In Spanish, we call it "Attractivo.""

(To Hui Min) - "You have very nice hair. Where are you from?"

(To Jon) - "You are a nice guy."

So I tried to shake him off by telling him that Hui Min and I are actually a couple and we plan to get married next year. Which made him rocket off his chair into celebrations. He declared to the entire coffee shop,

"I am very happy. Because this two, are getting married, here, at this restaurant. He is a nice guy. I am very happy. I want ask you all to lunch with me. You, your hat ah, you, uh-uh and you, why you laugh? why you laugh? you must all come for lunch with me."

He added,

"When you have children? 2 things very important. Music and Sports. When I was young, I played football, and I always put up my hands and nononononono you know? the ball go pass me and I put up my hands nononononono."

Ah! Music and Sports! This is my queue! I asked,

"So what club do you support?"

Spanish Jon replied, with a glimmer on his face.


I added,

"Ah! The Champions! Lionel Messi... Xavi Hernandez..."

Spanish Jon beamed bigger and brighter.

"Ahhh! You knows ah... He knows... He knows!"

I went on to tell him that I was a Liverpool fan. Which he said "No" , again, only this time, a little more firm. Reinforcing the fact that Barcelona are the best and the champions. But I had something to say about that...

"No no no... Liverpool beat Barcelona in the Champions League, remember? Craig Bellamy?"

*Short Pause*

"AHHHHHHHHHHH YESYESYESYESYES~!!! Hahaha... Ok guys, I'm sorry I am drunk. I will go now. You, very fashion, with the hat. You and you, I am very happy. Ok have a good night."

Vx and I...

"Alright, have fub Dude."


Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Ninth Legion

Vice Capt. : I have low resistance to girls in tight one-piece black dresses.

A : Mmm...

(5 seconds later)

A : Actually, what dress isn't one-piece?

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Team 载我回啦!- Consisting of members from TXL, Teamchemist and Underwater World Singapore.

I got together with a few of my good friends from the FG Scene and played a roaring 5v5 the past Saturday or so... (It's a backdated update) We were really happy to placed Top 3 (We decided, together with the other 2 teams, to call it a draw and split the pot!) despite dropping early, and rather frustratingly, into the Loser's Bracket in the Opening Rounds.

My performance on that day wasn't anything to shout about as I played rather badly. However, my teammates quite simply were supersonic all throughout. Shoutouts to Sean and Clinton, mystery 5th member that cannot be named, and Jasper for the good times and cheers. It makes the world a less lonely place when you have friends cheering for you after every hit-confirm, every combo and every victory.

Team Rebel2 - Consisting of members from the BlazBlue scene + 1 other and a wild Jonda sliding in from half a yard away just to kuay their female player.

So while I was getting pissy after our early drop, I went around the area to check out what these BlazBlue dogs were up to. And like the true Vice Capt. that I am, I shamelessly named myself their 6th member and started cheering for their team (Or shit-talking the other team).

You see Yvonne in that picture? I famously lost to her when our teams met... Much to the approval or disapproval of the crowd that went "Eh you give chance ah?" and "Don't need to gentleman until like that leh."

Even Yvonne herself, after beating me in round 1, turned to me and said, "Don't give me chance, ok?"

I swear to God, be it casuals or tournaments, I hardly give anyone or anybody any "chance", regardless of race, language or religion... Especially race. Only on extreme cases like say, if I'm facing against an ant.

So for the record, she beat me, in a tournament setting, 2 rounds clean. She has improved tremendously from when she first started and I'm proud of her.


All in all, it was good times hanging out with friends. I had loads of fun shit-talking Clinton just before our tournament calling him our weakest link and constantly asking Brandon to sub in for him. He ended up winning more games than I did!

Pictures courtesy of Edmund Yeong Photography

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Calendar Girl

If I am lost for a day try to find me
But if I don't come back, then I won't look behind me
All of the things, that I thought were so easy
Just got harder and harder each day

December is darkest, in June there's the light
But this empty bedroom won't make anything right
But out on the landing a friend I forgot to send home
Who waits up for me all through the night

Calendar Girl, who's in love with the world, stay alive
Calendar Girl, who's in love with the world, stay alive

I dreamed I was dying, as I so often do
And when I awoke I was sure it was true
I ran to the window and threw my head to the sky
And said whoever is up there, please don't let me die

But I can't live forever, I can't always be
One day I'll be sand on the beach by the sea
The pages keep turning, I'll mark off each day with a cross
And I'll laugh about all that we've lost

Calendar Girl, who is lost to the world, stay alive
Calendar Girl, who is lost to the world, stay alive

January, February, March, April, May, I'm alive
June, July, August, September, October, I'm alive
November, December, yeah all through the winter, I'm alive

I'm alive

- Stars

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Eighth Gate

I love Fire Drills. It is that one time in life where everything comes to a halt, irregardless of however grave or mundane, like a suspension of sorts, a time-out. How often do you get to stop everything, just like that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look! They Are Friends! - Arpakasso vs Team Xialan

It was the Toy Catcher weekend with Team Xialan. 

BOSS Vx and the Vice Capt. Jonda Pamyu Pamyu faced off against two of the most ridiculously adorable things you could ever find under a giant 3-claw catcher, an Alpaca plushie named, Arpakasso.

"You may have caught me, but you'll never catch my friends! Hahahahaha..."

Round ONE: Alpacrab vs Jonda Pamyu Pamyu 

(Alpacrab  2 - 3 Jonda Pamyu Pamyu)

It all began, while en route to bowl, when we stopped by the Prize Stage at Marina Square, only because we had to go pass it. There, in that acrylic case, guarded by a giant 3-claw catcher and a prerequisite to catch a bigheaded hamster, laid 6 Alpacas.

"Alpaca! So cute!" said Sheena, Hui Min nodded in approval.

"This is easy. I've done this in under $10. If you really want it, I can get it." the Vice Capt. said, with confidence beaming from his nostrils and under his pants.

What proceeded was a back and forth walk of frustration between getting more change, flirting with the Staff, and watching the hamster drop on his head, only to bounce in the wrong direction. Alpaca went 1 - 0 up.

We stood by and watch other people try, only to come nowhere close. It was then, that the Vice Capt. summoned enough change and courage to go for round 2, but the hamster was having none of it, still bouncing the wrong way and out. The Staff was resilient in refusing the Vice Capt.'s kuay-ing advances, which further made the task increasingly difficult. Alpaca was now up with a commanding 2 - 0 lead.

We left dejected, into the bowling alley, though Hui Min was most madpiss out of the lot. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there were 10 people ahead of us and that it was virtually impossible to bowl.

While contemplating our next step, a great unjust was felt within the group. We hummed the tune from the machine, said "No, we wouldn't go back.", yet the idea, wouldn't leave us be. When Vx said that he had to make his exit, Hui Min, Sheena and I, looked at each other with only one objective on our minds: Catch Alpaca.

And so, we made our comeback.

This was most certainly going to be the final fight. The Vice Capt. still chucking them change, hamster still stubbornly falling all over the place but not into the hole. Kuay assisted, but not enough. With Sheena exhausted and the Vice Capt. on the verge of throwing a real fits, Hui Min became our last resort and got us the change we needed, and with that one push of the button, the machine came to a standstill. Lights went running around it, the claw started "clink-clanking" as if to signify an end of days. I turned to look at the Technician, he offered me no relieve. I look back at the claw and it suddenly hit me.

One simple word, set my mind free, there was no failure.


The claw went down, grabbed that hamster on it's sorry-ass and dumped it into the bin like a 3-pointer. We had won the war, Alpacrab was ours, though, he continues to mock me, up until this very day.

"You fool! Hahahahahaha..."


Round TWO: Mr. Alpaca vs Vx 

(Mr. Alpaca  0 - 1 Vx)

That was not the end of it. You see, Alpacrab had been separated from his best friend, and through his repeated mocking, I made it a promise to bring the other back. I summoned a wild Vx to meet me at Marina Square in 2 days time, to settle the score once and for all.

"Let's go live with the humans! Hahahahahaha!"

D-day came and Team Xialan was out and about. Vx started the morning madpissing, while the Vice Capt. went gym-ing to prepare himself physically, for the task at hand. While discussing our strats, I told Vx that if we hit the $30 mark, I would start kuay-ing the Staff.

We stood before the sacred machine. Vx with the first attack, only to suffer the same fate, of the hamster falling backwards, and away from the hole. With only $2 spent, Vx went into Maximum Kuay and flirted with the Staff like there was no tomorrow. 

But having made all the mistakes we could on the previous attempt, we came back here stronger and more prepared. 

As if the sexual harassment from one Vx on Maximum Kuay wasn't enough, the Vice Capt. turned up the heat with a Maximum Kuay of his own, and with their combined yandao-ness, devilish smiles and act-cute faces, the Staff was kuay-ed and could resist no longer. 

As though implying, "上我吧!" , She moved the hamster so much that at least all of it's head, was at the bin already, and all we needed to do was to grab it there, and it would fall over, willingly. 

With the claw in place, Team Xialan said their ceremonial victory words, "Have fub Dude." and Vx gave the final push to send it home. We had won, again, Mr. Alpaca was ours, and loving it.

"I'm fine with anything! Hahahahahaha!"


2012 is the year of the Alpaca.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Diary, part IV

Dear Diary,

I'm very sad. Today, Jon and Vx took off their clothes and showed the Prize Stage Kuay their panties. I thought I was supposed to take off my clothes and show them my panties. I am disappoint.

Good night.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Free Hot

I am free as I am hot - With my good friends from Teamchemist - Took a shot to win a Lomo, shoutouts to product placement and how I can so cleverly place the prop over my own branding. 

Today, I played 8 hours straight of Fighting Games including a 2v2 tournament, stopping only for the toilet and rain-smelling.

3 different games with 3 different game mechanics and combos. From Push-Blocking to Plinking to Frame Trapping to Safe Jumping to Unblockables to Parrying, 3 different ways to break throws, 3 different games but they all require me to make decisions in milliseconds, 3 different games but they all require me to look at 10 different things within the game space but all at the same time, consistently press buttons in a specific series or order, some serious brain, eye and hand coordination and forcing the occasional clutch performances... All in 8 hours, straight.

I think I've fully exhausted my brain for a good weeks' worth. I can no longer think or access my rational mind, so much so that I believe, my grammar is suffering.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Seventh Heaven

My Mother makes the best Chicken Wings. She pan fries them after seasoning them with some Soy Sauce and Pepper and I don't know what else. They were the best. But that was when I was a kid. She don't cook that often anymore but when she does, and if she makes Chicken Wings now, they taste ballistically different.

"Mum, the Chicken Wings don't taste the same anymore. You used to do them with like Soy Sauce and that's it. It was already very nice, no seasoning..."

"Is it?"

Then every time my Mum cooks again, she would ask me,

"How? Does it taste the same now?"

"Still not, Mum..."

And then she would try again, the next time she cooks.

The Chicken Wings have not returned to their early 90's goodness, but isn't it just heartwarming that my Mum tries so hard to please my taste buds? Love her.


In other cooking related news, Young and Sassy Samantha Lee is a terrific cook. I once tweeted that we would all become fat and lazy if we hung out at her place regularly.


At the Gamespot Asia UMVC3 Game Launch, picture courtesy of Gamespot Asia.

On a closing note, because we never want to sell you something that we wouldn't use or wear, all TXL T-Shirts are made with authentic American Apparel basics so they never stretch, never lose, and will always keep you cool and funky, literally, shoutouts to 100% Cotton straight from the United States of America.

To date, all TXL merchandise, the T-Shirts and Badges, we've used and endorsed and will continue to use and endorse. Look out for more designs coming in 2012, I will try to break my KPI of "1 new T-Shirt per year" then.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Xialan... Rollin' Back the Years, with Team Xialan!

Team Xialan - Destined for Greatness, since 1986!

This week, Team Xialan takes you back to the early years... Where we were only 1 years' old, but stylin' and profilin' nonetheless, playing it like it is!

Can you tell which is BOSS and which is Vice Capt.?

Many a great things happened in 1986... On the 3rd of March, Metallica released Master of Puppets... Desmond Tutu became the first black Anglican Church bishop in South Africa on the 7th of September... Amongst many others!

Do you have many a fond memories of the late 80s'? Because that was the era when we were born.

For more about 1986, read the Wiki link here!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Unicorns

The Unicorns will forever be, Bernice on Guitar, Joyce on Bass, Logan on Drums and Ras Trent on Vocals.


A typical Unicorns setlist will always feature Weezer's Say It Ain't So, Yeah Yeah Yeahs's Maps, Nirvana's In Bloom and Pixies's Wave of Mutilation.

We dislike playing Deep Purple's Highway Star and Metallica's Enter Sandman, but upon Fan request, we will.


On a side note, is it weird that I pin on an AKB48 badge and listen to Heavy music? The answer is no, because I'm Punk like that. And that is what it means to be Punk. It's not a certain way to wear your clothes, or to limit your taste in culture.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Much Handsomeness

Because sometimes, Team Xialan cannot be expressed in words. But sometimes only, Team Xialan not perfect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About that Anime Festival...

The Vice Capt. at the AKB48 Official Shop Singapore 
with AKB Members, Sayaka Nakaya and Miku Tanabe!

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) this year was sucha amazing experience, proving to be bigger and better with the inception of the Cool Japan panels and more exhibitions from the Anime studios and Manga houses. I remember a time, at the first-ever AFA, back in 2008, where they could barely fill the hall, and it became more like an over-sized toy fair, but still, was the first of it's kind and a very memorable occasion. How they improve the event every year just goes to show the dedication they have in bringing about awareness to Japanese culture on a global scale. 

I had great company on that day too, shoutouts to Kenn and Krystal, it was indeed an adventure.


Ignoring the sudden influx of Wooden Swords that were so poorly made, the hilt breaks apart after 5 swings, Strawhats that were in a shade of colour not even matching that of Luffy's... Come to think of it, not even that of the Imposter Luffy after the 2 year time skip... and of cause, overpriced Cat Ear Hairbands... ANYWAY... there was this one moment, as with all fairs like that... Y'know it just gets generally very hard to breathe or walk and everybody's just mad squeezing and trying to find a way through...

But you see I was at the AKB48 booth right, and there was this sea of people just taking photos of the Official Members making an appearance in the store. It was a novel idea, to be able to be served by them, and I honestly felt really happy when I was the only guy buying something from the store and sharing this intimate moment with them, even though Sayaka Nakaya and Miku Tanabe aren't my favourites, it was still special. It left me beaming... 

OK, more importantly, I came around the booth once more, and they made their second appearance there, so as usual, a crowd gathered again, trying to take pictures. Naturally, the pathway was blocked, and we were squeezing, again. That one is still OK, I don't mind or think about it. THEN, a wild Poly Dood, dressed in some H&M T-Shirt and tight jeans, made the infamous remark that caused me to tilt like a G6,

"Aiyah, it's not as though they are gonna strip like that."


And that just sums it up, doesn't it. For all the education we've been put through, whether we were good at it or not, it doesn't matter, because a Man's attention and happiness, is determined by whether a pretty girl will strip or not.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Xialan Highlights: Battle Medley Singapore 2011

As the year comes to a almost close, Team Xialan looks back at it's illustrious 2011 career... Which is somewhat bleak, seeing how we never really made appearances at events as regularly as we used to, with Vx on a permatilt and the Vice Capt. pissing on the BFF streams, sometimes awake, sometimes half drunk... Nevertheless, we somehow got together as the original dynamic duo for Battle Medley Singapore 2011, during the 3v3 and 3D Challenge events.

So nicely packaged in a playlist, is our commentary highlights... with infamous lines like,

- "Nobody jump in Street Fighter one la... Unless Leonardo Dicaprio jump first."

- Our ever popular commentary in pretend Japanese ( 手羽先 ! ) and Mandarin ( 我不是犯人 !). 手羽先 ! marks TXL's breakthrough into the Japanese market, making it's debut on Nico Nico Douga to a roaring 3000+ views and counting!

- Vx's swan song, The Prolonged Zao Siah (Which can be seen in the Grand Finals of the 3D Challenge between EG. Momochi and Gackt.)

- Not forgetting, Team Xialan's cameo appearance in and Revid's short film about the Battle Medley experience, titled, Revisited.

So here's the playlist for you, almost 3 hours of footage and audio for you to masturbate over.

Of Movement, New Friends, and Strange Encounters

As Jon mentioned earlier, due to a variety of reasons TXL has left its ancestral home ground of Bugis and has moved to troll in a new location: one north.

Many changes have happened in the last few months, and after blowing up the stream at TGX '11, Vx announced that it would be his last tournament, bidding a fond farewell to the stream monsters that provided such fun and laughter trolling the Singapore Expo Hall over two days. Alas, it seems that the old adage of all good things coming to an end applies to friendships and trust as well.

But enough of that. This is supposed to be a positivity-filled post.

To anyone that reads this blog, i say this to you: Take heart. Despite the trials and tribulations of life, despite the heartbreak, hurt and betrayal from those most dearly beloved, there is a silver lining to that great big steaming cloud of shit that God just dumped on you. Friendship is a strange thing, and you never know when you'll meet great people. (Unless of course you're meeting Jon or myself, in which case we'll make it a point to tell you.)

During our short stay at Fusionopolis, TXL has been greatly privileged to befriend some truly wonderful people, people who actually give a crap. Strangest of all, TXL has now become great friends with Salad. Always something of a lurking figure within the Guilty Gear community, it has been our great pleasure to find out that he's actually not that bastard, not that boring, and actually a pretty nice guy.

So shoutouts to our new great friends, Sheena , Huimin , Kenneth and Melvin .

Now if we could only afford to give everyone a t-shirt.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

心のかたち 人のかたち


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's not like when we were young, when love was romantic and chasing after someone was an adventure.

It's not like we're dying, but love is and chasing after someone comes in stats and figures.

Once we wanted to know someone so much, we would take steps back into the past.

Once we wished... Uninspired, boring and a utter waste of time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hui Min is a Vampire, Hui Min is a Vampire, Hui Min is a Vampire now.

Vice Capt.: Hui Min, how old are you?

Vx: She's 3500 years old.

Vice Capt.: I think she's at least 15,378 years old.

Salad: Hui Min's been around for some time. But some time only. Vampire not perfect.

Friday, November 4, 2011


BOSS Vx provides you the first-ever LIVE commentary... From the Operating Theater.

"Very good la. Lie down on operating table and send SMS again la."

"Knn motherfucking PAIN LAH CHEEBYE."

"Where are you guys."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Battle Medley Singapore 2011: Revisited Featuring Choco & Momochi

Revid and got together to produce a short film that documented EG's Choco and Momochi's trip to Singapore for Battle Medley Singapore 2011 (BMS) at The Game Xpo (TGX).

And in true Singaporean fashion, the Round1 crew obviously wasn't gonna just play game and go home. If you missed this amazing event that happens only once a year, this is pretty much, almost everything you missed.

But of course, we didn't capture everything on film, we kept some of it in our hearts.

Much thanks to Niko Kenton Photography for providing Photo coverage, NOT music! As stated in the credits! Obviously that was a terrible mistake on our part.

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Sixth Sense

Vice Capt.: Let's all buy Magneto's helmet tomorrow.

Salad: I don't think I can fit into Magneto's helmet.

Vice Capt.: Ok. Then you be Juggernaut.


\(>.<)/ Erik! Erik!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love is Recycled

I love loneliness.
I love the way it smells.
I love the way it sucks.
I love the way it sells.

I love it that I have
all the time in the world for myself
that I can't seem to get enough
of nights watching movies starring Lexi Belle.

I love loneliness,
Though being lonely and feeling alone isn't quite the same.
But how can that be true?
Since being either leaves me without an inch of you.

I love it that we have many words unspoken,
and many a mixed emotions, pickled.
so much so that we find,
love is most likely, recycled.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tegan and Sara - Call It Off

I won't regret saying this. This thing that I'm saying is it better than keeping my mouth shut, that goes without saying. Call, break it off. Call, break my own heart. Maybe I would have been something you'd be good at. Maybe you would have been something I'd be good at. But now we'll never know. I won't be sad but in case, I'll go there everyday, to make myself feel bad. There's a chance I'll start to wonder, if this was the thing to do. I won't be out long but I still think it better if you take your time coming over here. I think that's for the best.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Home of Team Xialan

 Happy times really do indeed pass by very fast.

As we watch the doors close for the very last time at our former home that is Iluma, we recollect the days of stupid BlazBlue tournaments and that one great Halloween event... The SBO Qualifiers and even the random dog nights at the pick-up point or coffee shop (冰 YOU KNOW)... We feel as though a part of our body has broken down but nonetheless, real men can only move on and thus... Team Xialan has now relocated to one-north.

We have become kings of morning Ice Coffee, beating the regular price of $1.50 and getting ours at only $1.30, very cheap, for an insane sugar/caffeine rush. The many heroes we encounter on a daily basis... The legendary JJ... The sexpot Redbull Elemental... and not forgetting, URGH URGH Osama Lover.

But even through relocation, one thing is always assured. That Florence is the worst of liars and that dog days are truly never over.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Crushed Affair From The Rectum Up

Move far far away from where the bodies once stood, now lay barren, in a field across the sand, shattering wine glasses and that little pig’s hand. What mercy was shown, I never knew, I never saw. At the sound of the one hour bell, a voice so diabetic told me she would kill just to grasp my lungs. What a trendy bag she was carrying, it was called “emotional baggage.”

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Fifth Column

Your back is the most beautiful part of your body.
When you walk away, that beauty amplifies.
The further you get, the prettier you are.
 'Till you are out of sight, that is when you are mine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

EG. Momochi (Co) vs Ganguro (Sa) - Battle Medley Singapore 2011, @ TGX. 3v3 Grand Finals

There were only two things that could defeat Momochi back at BMS 2011, one of which was power failure and the other was Ganguro.

In the Grand Finals of the 3v3 event, Ganguro's Team Pumpkin (Together with Tetra and Raymus) went up against Team EG and Friend, where a lucky member of the public was chosen via lucky draw to be in a team with Choco and Momochi.

Tetra, with Yang, did well to take out Julian, who played Abel, before losing out to Choco's Blanka. Ganguro stepped up next in what would be one of the most intense matches of the night, Choco with the heartbreak, losing by time over to Ganguro's magic pixels. Next up was Momochi who did well to come back from round 1 with a Counter-hit setup into Last Dread Dust to level the game but in the end, Ganguro came out tops and won the tournament for the team.

Stream footage courtesy of

The Sound of Tilting, Part 7

Tender is the night
Lying by your side
Tender is the touch
Of someone that you love too much
Tender is the day
The demons go away
Lord I need to find
Someone who can heal my mind

Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
That we have
I'm waiting for that feeling
I'm Waiting for that feeling
Waiting for that feeling to come

Oh my baby
Oh my baby
Oh why
Oh my

Tender is the ghost
The ghost I love the most
Hiding from the sun
Waiting for the night to come
Tender is my heart
I'm screwing up my life
Lord I need to find
Someone who can heal my mind

Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
That we have
I'm waiting for that feeling
I'm Waiting for that feeling
Waiting for that feeling to come

Oh my baby
Oh my baby
Oh why
Oh my

Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
That we have
I'm waiting for that feeling
I'm Waiting for that feeling
Waiting for that feeling to come

Oh my baby
Oh my baby
Oh why
Oh my

Tender is the night
Lying by your side
Tender is the touch
Of someone that you love too much
Tender is my heart you know
I'm screwing up my life
Oh Lord I need to find
Someone who can heal my mind

Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
Come on, Come on, Come on
Get through it
Come on, Come on, Come on
Love's the greatest thing
That we have
I'm waiting for that feeling
I'm Waiting for that feeling
Waiting for that feeling to come

Oh my baby
Oh my baby
Oh why
Oh my

Saturday, October 8, 2011

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