Friday, January 7, 2011


let me tell you what i think about the new year,

i still think you are a joke. your whole life is a joke. everything about you is a joke. i see the arcade has recently given birth to a new kind of challenger, the Dogspammer, and he's really good. spam that 3-frame poke, spam that unpunishable move, fuck, do it at a range that'll never hit, but magically hits anyway into your fucking Ultra and win. the Dogspammer doesn't think, he just do it. he pick Ultra 1, and does the motion for Ultra 2, he don't think he just do it. unsafe Uppercut? you just do it. unsafe jump? you just jump it. even showing you the correct punishment to your unsafe move won't stop you from doing it again, you don't think, you just do it. you're like fucking having spasms in your fingers, you must be a really good masturbator.

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