Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2011 With A Brand New Team Xialan!

it's a brand new year with the brand new Team Xialan. 俺のジョンダ様! x Miss Fors x Vx

Team Xialan has risen from the ashes like a burning blue phoenix and straight into 2011, blowing up the second anniversary tournament, running and bashing into her.

(much love to the players and staff of Project RAMPAGE.)

debuting officially as a threesome, we were blowing it up from all directions, Miss Fors on the live stream/chat, intoxicating Farp with her madness. Farp obviously wanted to have sex with her. Vx and 俺のジョンダ様! took to the main stage with the live commentary, endorsing microphones that RMPG. Ganguro would be proud of, "Baomic".

joining us, was none other then our Guest Commentator, the recently recovered RMPG. Spore, fresh from the snow in NYC, getting really salty with 俺のジョンダ様! midway through the tournament.

Miss Fors's rain boots were the most kickass shoes ever, tell her you love it.

(much love to the tech, staff and crew of Tornado/Colosseum/Arcadia/se7en)

and the night will never be complete, without a little bit of tilting, so i shall return now, to whatever form i was assuming, and you people can carry on, speaking before you're thinking.

Team Xialan is back, is here, and is staying.

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