Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls are attracted to Jackshit.

the night's never complete without a little brick and batter with one's plight and demise. pulling off hair while staying awake and hungry, there truly is no cure to stupidity. it's tiring on the body, hammering it with feelings of faith and vindication. the old fuckers have been too old, it's about time they died. with their parting words on a foaming mouth, they mumbled, "love is blind." you should shut your mouth, love being blind doesn't permit us to fall in love blindly, or delude ourselves with a false pretext of love. in fact, you take upon all that pain and evil and recognize it as love, what gives? this is the grave. this is us, just standing there. let us, tired hearts, stand there and tire no more. this is you, "in love with the idea of love."

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