Friday, February 18, 2011

why girls are attracted to Jackshit

from the very beginning man has been hitting woman over the head with a big club and dragging her back to the cave for sexing. this is true even today except that instead of beating the woman over the head the man is just a jackshit to her and she falls in love with him and dogs like there is no tomorrow.

but you shouldn't worry because the only sort of girl who would STAY with a jackshit in the long term isn't someone you'd want to date. girls stay with jackshits for a few reasons - they know the jackshit needs them and they like feeling needed; they are worried they can't find any better; they are scared of being alone. at the end of the day do you really want a girl to stay with you because she is scared of being alone?

girls date jackshits and they marry nice guys, end of story. those that end up marrying jackshits suffer. so do yourself a favour and stop dogging over the girls who dog over jackshits.

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