Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Facts Vs Romance

the rumour mills are running rampant. lots of shit thrown back and forth over the shocking dismissal, or "i'm not gonna fire you, you better resign yourself.", of Miss Fors from SCOGA. i personally have something to say, not to prove a point as one third of the cockney trio called Team Xialan, but i would like to say something, in support of my friend. because that's what friends do, they stand by each other and share the last cookie with.

these are the facts, so you may squash the assumptions because they make an ass out of you and me.


1. Team Xialan is very handsome.

2. Miss Fors was signed to Team Xialan because we were grieving over the failed acquisition of PEIQIN.

3. Miss Fors's primary role was to ultra direct all future Team Xialan YouTube promotional videos, maintain our various social media platforms, and act as a third anchor when we shoutcasted Fighting Game events.

4. Miss Fors contributed to Team Xialan's poetry week.

5. Miss Fors updated the blog with her own ramblings which was all good, which was what we asked of her to do.

6. i do not see how writing poetry and learning to do a shoutcast on a live stream for Street Fighter alongside the great Farp himself conflicts with Cyber-Wellness directives.

7. Members of SCOGA were laughing the loudest at this so called event we were accused of wreaking havoc at, smiling and shaking our hands, then very professionally going behind our backs to conduct an AAR (without us, the accused) pinpointing faults with myself and the team, yet denying us the chance to tell them in their faces that they were fuckups themselves.

8. Team Xialan does not sell drugs.

9. Miss Fors was not hired to sell drugs.

10. Neither was Miss Fors hired to flash her panties at our events in order to bring awareness to Fighting Games.

11. SCOGA did not kick start the Fighting Game Community in Singapore, Tien Lang did, since 2008.

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