Thursday, March 10, 2011

Food Xialan Episode 1: Team Xialan Brings You The Best of Food From All Around The Bugis Area.

here we go. this is the first episode of Food Xialan brought to you by Team Xialan, which is the weekly/daily/asandwhenifeellikeit food review section of all good food stuff to be found in the Bugis area when you're gaming.

of course, by default, the only place any BRAP3 (Bugis Real Arcade Pro 3) should be eating at is Seng Huat, but every once in awhile, the great Ore no Jonda-sama takes a walk into the deep blue, in search of better tasting food. today, i bring you:

Middle Road Prawn Noodle.

located at the back of Iluma, along the stretch of coffee shops housing the great Roast Duck Rice stall (which we'll talk about in another episode), this Prawn Noodles pack a hefty punch of prawns and pigs all in a $4 bowl of soup (note: no dry, only soup.) it has every thing you can think of in a pig... the meat, the liver, the intestines, the fats, the pai ku, the kidney, the smile and the wings... with some fishy prawns in a bowl of prawn broth. TOO GOOD. and what's better, only my third day of eating there and the aunty recognizes who i am. (but of course, the great Ore no Jonda-sama does not walk the streets of Bugis without hearing the whispers of a arhsshshshshshshs Jonda arshshshshshsh)

also note that, the Prawn Noodles are so intense they'll probably be sold out by 2PM. but it'll be back (shuffles back, shuffles front, chest pump.) every other day except Monday!

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