Monday, March 21, 2011

The truth

Miss Fors Firedragon was today fired from Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association. Her severance was delivered in form of an email from chairman and president Nicholas Aaron Khoo. The email itself was a response to another sent nearly two months ago, in which Miss Fors expressed her interest in helping SCOGA with cyber wellness directives and the coming games expo Licence2Play.

Instead of getting an answer, Miss Fors was told that she had resigned from SCOGA following the conclusion of last year’s Singapore GameFEST (SGF), and that the other reason for her termination was the public persona she has as a part of fighting-game commentators Team Xialan. In short, the email said K THNX BYE. Miss Fors has never received any sort of termination or tendered any resignation up till today. If she had been sacked earlier, nobody told her anything.

Anyway, Miss Fors remains unconvinced that her termination was because of her inability to contribute to the cyber wellness directive.

SCOGA and Team Xialan have had bad blood between them since SGF 2010. As organisers, SCOGA did not initiate any after action reviews with Team Xialan. Team Xialan has not deigned to defend themselves either. Both parties have thus kept their negative opinions of each other.

Miss Fors has also had a secret romantic encounter with a member of SCOGA’s exco. IT WAS A BAD MISTAKE AND SHE FULLY ACKNOWLEDGES IT. Their breakup was messy and resulted in said member disliking her. To make matters worse, Miss Fors’s current squeeze (as if you didn’t already know) is a founding member of Team XL. As a result, it comes as no surprise that the ex-SCOGA-boyfriend has been pouring poison into select SCOGA ears.

Has Miss Fors been wrongfully terminated? You decide.

Read more about Miss Fors’ feelings, thoughts, and other dirty secrets (like who her ex scoga bf is) on this matter at her blog

Miss Fors has also spoken to The Mana Pot about this incident.

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