Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food Xialan Episode 3: Hello Kitty Duck Rice

this one's long overdue.

the coffee shop just opposite of Iluma houses the best Roast Duck and Char Siew in ALL of Bugis.

if there's one word you should always use to describe meat, that would be "succulent". and this Roast Duck + Char Siew combo is the epitome of that very word.

a plate sets you back at only $3, add $2 for a bowl of homemade soup of the higgest order, the meal can't get any cheaper than this.

the Street Fighter guys would sometimes make the walk across the island just to taste this holy plate of Duck Rice, but beware, the queue for it is comparable to Chinese New Year Hello Kitty at MacDonalds.

come visit this coffee shop that stars a bunch of unique coffee shop people. a china lady who wants to have sex with me. a china girl who wants to have sex with Vx but pretends to not understand what is 冰. 冰 YOU KNOW. and also, the uncle i scold every single time i dine there.

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