Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Xialan Episode 4: Spaghetti Arabbiatta with CHICKEN CHOP

Please note that I stole this picture off google because I was too dog to take a photo of my food before eating.

This evening I soloed the Bugis foodcourt because I've been dreaming about eating pasta for like a month now and I was starving and I remembered there actually -was- some pasta stall in the foodcourt three floors above TKA.

I asked Vxthedog if the food there was nice but he was too busy raiding or tilting at his raid to reply me. I asked my colleague if the food there was nice and he said the cai peng there cost $8 a plate.

BUT I WAS UNDAUNTED. I wanted to eat pasta and so I went. Never mind that they fried all their spaghetti and fettucine and etc over high heat and didn't have any sides that weren't fried (I've been coughing like a dog for two weeks now).

The moment I ate that first forkful I felt like I had gone back in time to my poly days.

I hated Temasek Poly like I've never hated anything before. Just looking at the school made me want to make like a Ghost and nuke it. The only thing I treasured about school was the 2nd floor of the canteen in the Mensa building. I used to solo early lunch hours there eating the Western food. It would be quiet, and the 20minute-long queue would be nonexistent, and nobody would disturb me while I ate their epic spaghetti arabbiatta and drank their to-die-for mushroom soup.

The spaghetti arabbiatta today from the Bugis food court was the closest I've ever come to the taste of the spaghetti arabbiatta from TP. I want to eat it :(

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