Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have a break, have a Team Xialan.

good night Xialaners,

it has been an eventful 2 weeks, with the highest level of dogging, tilting and hazing. we have been hard at work shooting our debut Cooking Show in one take, unscripted, then piecing it together and uploading it on YouTube. we hoped you have enjoyed it, because we most definitely enjoyed ourselves making it.

what other fake TV programs would you like to see us cover? because you know we at Team Xialan, we always tell you the truth.


so anyway, Team Xialan will be on hiatus for about 2 weeks. Ultra Director Miss Fors has flew off to London to watch Pink Floyd, Boss Vx is hard at work in Azeroth downing bosses of his own and Vice Capt. Jon-san can be spotted weekly at Colosseum, Iluma, pretending to play the lousy scrub game known as MVC3 (Marvel Vs Capcom 3).

until then, you can re-watch Food Xialan Episode 4.5 over and over again, i have conveniently put all the parts into a playlist so you can lie on your bed and masturbate at your favourite scenes.


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