Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Am I A Da-Gamer

in Singapore, a Da-Gamer is generally categorize as being lower than cockroaches and ants.

taxis don't stop for Da-Gamers.

waiters and waitresses don't serve Da-Gamers.

everywhere you go, society looks at you with dirty eyes and the one same thought,

"oh this guy is quite good-looking, but, he is a Da-Gamer. i don't want to date a Da-Gamer."

often seen lurking around Bugis, for fear of being exposed taking the escalator down to the arcade, the Da-Gamer pretends to queue for Bubble Tea or a meal at MOS Burger, if spotted, quickly takes the elevator up to level 3, round the food court to buy some time.

it is shameful to be known as a "Da-Gamer."

at a friend's birthday chalet, the birthday boy takes many pictures with his family, then his friends from Poly days, and then, his brother asks,

"eh, call your Street Fighter friends take a picture also."

what, Street Fighter friends not human beings also? why must we be segregated to such a degree. i am just a friend you met outside, i am NOT a Street Fighter friend.

today i was introduced as, "the Street Fighter guy." NO. i am just THE guy, not THE Street Fighter guy. call me a boy, a man, a "eh", it is better than calling me a Street Fighter guy.

Da-Gamers are running out of lies to tell their mothers when they go for Gaming events, tournaments or casual Da-Gaming.

and what is worst at being labelled a Da-Gamer, is to be exposed hyping shit up and getting excited over big combos and epic comebacks. society might still TRY to accept you as a Da-Gamer, but a Kaopei Unrefined Da-Gamer, is on a whole new level.


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