Monday, June 6, 2011

And I would never live another day in regret, the decision to let dead dogs lie.

- Jenny Holzer

dear Jon,

while it takes a hand to come together with another, it takes the other to come again some other time. i had a run of good fortunes, and now i find them all dwindling. once we had a forest full of trees, once we had more than just trees, now it seems we're facing an ocean vast enough to claim the world in one gulp, with no sense of remorse or interference. take nothing away from the equation, a pie half eaten is still a pie half. grace is borrowed, as grace is returned. what we have here is this incredible failure to communicate, to express and to share, thoughts that are running through our minds like electricity, and somewhere along those faulty lines, the currents run loose and we've got the others in shock. who are we. who are we talking to. i am going against social norms, personal stereotypes, to break these walls down, but still i find, myself running into walls, walls that i had no idea existed, walls that people had placed infront of me, in the quiet of the night, or the still of the morning. what is truly beautiful, is life in perfect symmetry. the order of obedience, the order in which i have set forth, the one i deem fit, rejection isn't a truth, but an interpretation. there's more to life then putting shapes together. what shape are you. having been alive for that long, perhaps you would have finally gotten a clue. but here we are, still stranded in the middle of our own home, running around in circles, a certain chaos. human relations relate to human limitations. there is only so much i can do for a stranger. if i give a coin to the first beggar i meet, what about the beggar i meet after that, and the one then after. why do drug addicts exist? for that, we have to go back to the root of the problem, we have to ask ourselves, why does stupidity exist. in the center of the attention, there stands a boy who's dying to change the world. not because he's some fucking messiah sent from the future, but a boy who was born with the talent to speak, and in his speeches, he sells, what he sold, was his word, that he would someday change this world. what he was truly trying to change, was his own world.


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