Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Michael Tan

Name: Michael Tan

Player Handle: HandsomeBoy212

Hobbies/Goal(s) In Life:
to remain handsome.

Previous Fighting Game Played Competitively: Rumble Fish 2

Accolades: First Runner-up at Tanjong Rhu Gaming Festival for Striker 1942

Other Notable Traits:
very handsome. speak good English.

MVC3 First Team: M.O.D.O.K/Viewtiful Joe/Thor

Comments: hi guys. my name is Michael Tan aka HandsomeBoy212. you may add me on PSN at xxxxxx for some MVC3 or Puzzle Fighter games. i think MVC3 is very fun because it has alot of flowers and unicorns. i hope to make more friends by playing this game and masturbate over all your tiny display pictures at the right hand corner of your posts. kthxbbye.

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