Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sodium Chloride

i tell you guys la...

i am very disappointed la. as the Vice Capt. of Everything, i am offended to see the everyday people walk this earth with my/our intellectual properties, styles and profiles without giving me/us a word of thanks or a decent shoutout la.

i tell you guys la...

when all this first began, who taught us what to do. could we walk into a bookstore and buy a guidebook to "guide" us through doing commentary? or running a bracket? or managing a tournament or event in general?

we started with nothing. we started with nothing but our blood, sweat and heart. we had no money. trial and error, failure after failure, till we finally arrive at this version of the package that was optimal, that was of the highest level. though heavily influenced by our peers in Japan or the US of A, we incorporated, injected ourselves into the project, brought it to life, and gave birth to something uniquely Singapore, that our friends could identify with and truly appreciate and support.

i tell you guys la...

where were all these people la. hiding behind blue screens, behind counters, behind a shitty ass job getting ass-wiped by their bosses every fucking day. all of a sudden now, you're a shoutcaster? you're a tournament organizer? you're a key personnel? it is one thing to idolize, it is another to steal.

without speaking on behalf of my commentary partner or my Ultra Director, i tell you guys la... everything i've told you, everything i've done, every joke i've made and every temper i've flared, were spurred from real life situations, scenarios, memories... the fragments of my life, that was precious to me, and maybe still are precious to me... i piece them all together and present it to you, my audience.

what you did, is take from me. what you did, it has no soul.

you are a sad imitation of the life i'm somewhat proud of.

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