Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Xialan Weekly Roundup: June 2011

Team Xialan is back after celebrating Boss Vx's birthday and we have big plans.

first up, we're bringing in brand new gear, custom comboed by the Vice Capt. himself, a new t-shirt and badge for the remainder of activities in the year of 2011 that i guarantee will blow your mind. in fact, it has already set the printer's brain on fire who's unable to print it due to it's... dog zhong de dog-ness. but, we'll resolve it, rest assured.

we've also begun planning for Food Xialan Episode 5.5, and it is safe to assume that something's gonna be on fire there too. internet videos are just too much fun, so before we shoot Food Xialan Episode 5.5, we'll be preparing a very special Vlog, a social commentary of sorts, to serve as a filler, just like they do in Anime. the Ultra Director will be in her lab coat, hard at work, so watch for it.

commentary and events hosting don't seem so cool anymore, afterall, even you can steal it and do it yourself, but just for the fans of the ol' skool stuff, we'll still be live every Friday at Colosseum, Iluma, hanging out with our good friends from Rebel 2 (BlazBlue Dogs of Singapore) and MVC3 Singapore (Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Community Singapore), that is where you may find us.

Team Xialan is alive! not dead!

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