Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BattleField Fridays - Now on Facebook!

BattleField Fridays (BFF) is officially on Facebook. "Like" us for the latest news on the weekly BFF series like tournament schedules and whatnots.

The new BFF Logo was done by none other than resident SF4 Grandmaster Designer, Matte, who has helped the community by contributing his time and work to the Round1.sg Ultra-ed! Chalet, as well single-handedly conceptualizing and designing the look and feel of Battle Medley Singapore (BMS), an international tournament organized by Round1.sg also.

‎"The special thing about this logo is that it can be scanned by your QR code reader. Once scanned, it will bring you to the BFF Facebook page. I manually drew the QR code and individually colored the pixels."

"Took a long time to do it... I really hope you like it :)"

Was what Matte had to say in regards to his creation.




I say... Like it? I Goddamnie love it like a mother loves her son.

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