Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Food Xialan Episode 5: The MOS in Bugis Featuring Reset King/100% From Teamchemist

The original Uncle Adon x Uncle Sagat, circa 2009.

This is the long awaited return of Food Xialan! In word form at least!

In this episode of Food Xialan, The Vice Capt. together with his palchemist, the Reset King/100%, Clinton_WHO? retells their misfortunes at a certain Fast Food Restaurant down at Bugis.

Both Jonda and Clinton, being big fans of Japanese Fast Food Chain, MOS Burger, frequent the one at Bugis alot as it is just one level above the Da-gaming stronghold. There's nothing different about this MOS Burger to that of any other, but what awaits them at every visit, are the bizarre individuals on shift.

Once, Clinton placed an order and was asked if he wanted any sauce, which he replied "No". The lady asked again, if he wanted Ketchup, which he replied "No". The lady asked again, if he wanted Chilli, which he now replied firmly "NO". The lady told him to wait a minute as she proceeded to the kitchen to get him some Mayonaise on a platter.

Once, Jonda placed an order and was not given the number tag for his items, forcing him to walk back to the lady who was serving him several times to collect his Burger, then his Fried Chicken.

Once, Jonda and Clinton were with a group of Da-gaming friends and they were discussing a particular song. Jonda tried to hum the melody out to them, and the cleaning lady who was one table away, came over to comment, "Wow, you sing very well."

Once, Clinton placed an order and ask for water for his drink. The counter staff opened his eyes wide, in shock, asked again, "You don't want Sprite?" as if instinctively predicting Clinton would order a Sprite on a regular day.

Once, Jonda placed an order and watched the counter staff tabulate his order and counted the cost together with him. The total bill worked out to be $10.25, which Jonda presented him with $10.30, expecting 5 cents change. The counter staff pushed the coins back to Jonda, and told him he was giving him a discount. When has MOS Burger ever gave a discount.

Such are the strange encounters that await Jonda and Clinton whenever they visit. Seeing is believing, try it out yourself, but be equally good-looking first.

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