Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - First Class

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt.

Team Xialan has had their fair share of dues paid and credits given, from the very beginning of our journey, the right people, the smart people, have came up to us, shook our hands and told us how good we've been. For that, we are grateful and we continue to work hard to produce the highest level of a show, each and every time.

But more then that of course is that, we are now in a position where our voices may finally be heard. It's a nice little place above the clouds, and we may at times get ahead of ourselves by vomiting nonsense into the mic, but never have we, got our shoutouts wrong, never have we, not given the correct people, their respect and credits.

Do we need a tutorial on how to give a shoutout? It's quite simple actually, you just give it to somebody who has actually done some work, not someone who hasn't. In recent times, the act of crediting an individual has become somewhat diluted with shoutouts fired just for the sake of firing, just to fill up that dead silence during air time. The wrong people are getting mentioned. The wrong people are getting seen. I will make it my personal agenda this coming week, to set things straight, make it right, do my best, lend my voice to raise the names of those that go unheard.

I am thankful for so many people who have made my relationship with that wonderful building across Bugis what it is today and this week Ima let it all hang out.

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