Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Second Impact

It was about three years ago, one lazy weekday that I was on my couch channel-surfing and watching MTV that a PV from a certain Japanese girl band flashed onto my screen, the band's name was SCANDAL.

A four-piece girl band that actually played real musical instruments. Rhythm and Lead guitar, Bass and Drums, a complete band it seems, dressed in blazers and checkered pleated skirts, Doc Marts boots or Converse Hi-Cuts... They seemed tailor-made to my taste, almost too perfect to believe. (Ponytails would have been the final nail to the coffin.)

Playing radio-friendly Pop-Punk, I took one listen to their songs "DOLL" and "SAKURAグッバイ" and put them away instantly. I remembered telling myself,

"You think putting four Japanese girls in school uniforms slinging guitars is gonna take all my money away? You're underestimating me."

What followed afterwards was a three month long love/hate obsession with the band. I would shrug them away whenever they showed up on MTV, but at the same time, Google search and YouTube them often in the night. All that confusion finally ended when they released "少女S"... That PV alone, blew me away. It was something about the synchronized dancing to a rock song in the rain that was too good. I gave up the fight and lost the war. SCANDAL has since taken most to all my money.

My Vise Vords for you are: don't be so quick to judge, and don't be afraid to admit defeat.

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