Monday, August 22, 2011

On the tournament front - Representing TXL.

 TXL. Zenkai Jonda x Dannyjah - 開玩笑.

It has been a busy few days of non-stop tournaments. TXL. Zenkai Jonda played his first AE tournament since February 2011, in Singles action at BFF 3.3's AE 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament, 5v5 Teams with VintageSoul, Rchan, Koedo-san and Chris M_Flo24/HMH, the Alpha Dogs, as well as 2v2 Teams with Jeremy224, representing Teamchemist.

BattleField Fridays... Started the Singles strong by beating Haw Yann from Malaysia, 2-1, advancing, before getting sent to Loser's by my 5v5 teammate, Koedo-san, where I met Mustapusta (I won of course, was there ever any doubt.) but got sent home eventually by CarzyDog Ken, back from Hong Kong for a short vacation.

Shoutouts to the special guest appearance of The Vanilla Alumni.

On Saturday, the Alpha Dogs went 3/2 or 2/2 in 5v5 action, once again meeting Haw Yann's team in opening rounds, and if my memory serves me well, was sent home by that very same team. Nonetheless, great performances from VintageSoul, Koedo-san, Rchan and HMH. Memory failing alittle over here as Rchan, VintageSoul and myself were also participating in the MVC3 tournaments.

Shoutouts to Raymus who just refuses to die.

Better luck on Sunday though, representing Teamchemist with Jeremy224, finished the tournament in second place, losing to a team of Tommy and Tampines Daigo, which was also the very team that sent us into the Loser's Brackets in Round 2. It was a small tournament with many notable opponents missing, but top players like riCz, Kukujiao Dudley, SBK and Ganguro were still in attendance. (riCz and Trevose teamed up, SBK and Ganguro teamed up)

Shoutouts to beating Ganguro who picked Yun just to use Nishokyaku (Up Kicks) to escape Kunai Setups. 

I won myself a Kineda t-shirt, which was actually in a girl's cut, that I gave to Vic. Vic is afterall, Team Xialan's favourite Cosplayer.

Looking forward to playing in the major this coming Saturday. 27th, an arcade tournament on Viewlix cabs for the first time... Sounds like fun.

Will win it for TXL.


Vx however is busy representing piss-drinking and vulgarity-spieling to get in shape for TGX '11 in September, from the 9th to the 11th. Catch Team Xialan back in action, just the two of us, just the way you like it, hosting events and giving you the most electrifying Street Fighter commentary in all of tournament history.

Thank you for the continuous support.

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