Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Team Xialan ONE Year Anniversary Special!

Not the first of images captured, but a sign of greater things to come...

Right before we met the Ultra Director Miss Fors, at a time when we were hanging ourselves like Suckling Pigs on a railing... dogging, tilting and hazing, a time exactly one year ago... Is the story of a wild Vx and Jonda.

Having hosted numerous tournaments by himself with other partners, a then Vx was considered the best and regarded himself as a God amongst mortals, up until a wild Jonda entered the scene from the background, snatching the mic at the first ever Beginner's Tournament for, suddenly the platform seem unstable for two ridiculously great men to stand. Lucky for us, there was two microphones, which was the first time we probably ever did a show together, or at least, fifteen minutes of it together.

Fast forward to a couple of months later, where that same wild Vx seduced Jonda at the back of Stupid Aunty, with a plead to put an end to his dogging days (Which till this very day, has not ended... and you will soon read about)... In return, Jonda suggested,

"Why don't you help me out for TGX '10?"

And that as they say, was the beginning of the end.

Oh not quite yet...

Together, Vx and Jonda pulled off the most spectacular SBO Tougeki Singapore Qualifiers Grand Finals at Se7en. A show that was planned and rehearsed, 45 minutes before show time.


We then set out to form a unit for Event Hosting/Commentary the likes of ordinary men had never seen, and would find it hard to accept. Team Xialan was born on the third of August, one year ago. This very date, one year ago. We took about 4 hours to create everything that is Team Xialan that you see on the Internet or in print media today. EVERYTHING... The look, the graphics, the words, the manifesto, all our Social Media tools... EVERYTHING, in the space of 4 hours. I drew most of it, Vx wrote most of it, it's that simple.

First appearances of a Vx and Jonda

With the promise of always delivering the highest level of a show, telling it like it is and never selling out... I believe one year on, Team Xialan has continued to stay true to their word.

I've always said, we'll continue to do this until the day we become irrelevant. If there is still one person on earth who enjoys a Team Xialan show, then we will work for that one person only.

There are just way too many shoutouts to give... Coming so far, there's just too many people to thank for the love and support. Dogs from the Fighting Game Scene, all the Joels and Ganeshes, Tegan and Sara... The list is endless... All of which have contributed to this entity known as Team Xialan.

So this is it. Happy anniversary, you bastards.

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