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いい男だよ ... - The Black Sea and SCANDAL Weekend

 EG Momochi and Choco x TXL. Zenkai Jonda

It was a pulsating two weeks of non-stop action for the Vice Capt. and BOSS where we had many adventures in Japanese.

Battle Medley Singapore 2011 came and went with a bang, with MvC3, BB:CS2 and Tekken 6, joining the fray alongside Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition at The Game Xpo.

Da Feng? Is that you?

I spent majority of the time bringing Choco and Momochi around Singapore, together with the crew, who were in town to participate in BMS 2011. We went to the zoo on the first day where I swear the Emcee for the Elephant Show called out to 2 elephants named "E.Tan" and "Da Feng."

Custom-made Fans for Choco and Momochi!

We came back down to the Expo for a Kumite that was wildly supported by the good folks at Rebel2 as well as a Meet-And-Greet/Autograph Session for Choco and Momochi, once again wildly supported by the good folks at Rebel2. (It was in fact Hannybal of Rebel2 that suggested to me to organize an autograph session!)

With the folks from Rebel2, bringing the hype to Autograph Sessions, one rebel at a time.

Day 2 saw us taking the streets of Orchard for some Ya Kun Kaya Toast breakfast and onwards for some Karaoke where we sang Anime and Jdorama songs. Choco is such a good singer! We were honoured to be one of the rare few to hear Momochi solo a song (A Asian Kung-Fu Generation song) and I dedicated Slipknot's People=Shit to them, much to Momochi's approval.

Choco, Momochi, Ganguro, Rchan and I formed NSB48 that day.

At the Karaoke

Came back down to the Expo where I was reunited with Vx, Team Xialan back in action as the original dynamic duo, for the 3v3.

The Original TXL - Vice Capt. Zenkai Jonda x BOSS Vx

This just sums it up, doesn't it?

Day 3 was spent entirely at the Expo. I arrived, half dead from exhaustion and malnutrition, but was saved by greetings from our Japanese friends. Street Fighter took the main stage at TGX at approximately 4pm! I was terrified of the huge crowd and stage placed in front of me. So while I was busy shitting my pants silly on stage, Choco took over stream commentary duties and somewhat, it was an absolute solid performance, from player to organizer to host, we represented Street Fighter well and the job was done.

Doing Commentary in Pringles - The First EVER.

We hit the pinnacle of our career when I was finally joined by Vx back at the booth. Taking over the 3D challenge where we blasted mad promos for LG's 3D Cinema TV and shot the now legendary NICO NICO DOUGA Japanese commentary video.

Lan Xia Team - Zenkai Jonda x EG. Choco x Vx

Saying our goodbyes was always gonna be a sad affair. Awfully sad to send Choco and Momochi off after spending 3 extraordinary days with them. While close to tears, we decided to go in search of LTA-in-training Hong Teck who was flying off to Brunei. So glad we found him. And ridiculed him in front of all his mates.

Teamchemist x EG. Choco x Leslie, the 450th Raven of Singapore
EG. Choco shares a somewhat Damien Rice moment.

Handsome Man TV

The search for Hong Teck continues...

And this was goodbye...

Not before the first official appearance of NSB48!


Shot at the SCANDAL Autograph Session - This here is picture perfect because I'm with Rina!

The SCANDAL weekend was next, starting off with the Autograph Session on the 15th. Was seriously contemplating making a gift for them but decided at the last minute not to after thinking I might not be able to hand it to them due to tight security. Was gutted to see other fans handing them gifts. Nevertheless, the joy of seeing SCANDAL from a 0.00000012cm distance apart, was truly amazing which no amount of English vocabulary can describe.

I was so starstruck I could barely say anything other then "Hello" and smiled like a idiot from ear to ear throughout. Tomomi was first, followed by Haruna, and then I met Rina. For God knows what reason, I told her directly and honestly, "だいすき!!(I love you!)". She chuckled, while signing my CD, before replying, "ありがとう , うれしい ... (Thank you, I'm glad.)" - And that was the first sign of heart failure for me. I had almost forgotten Mami had also signed my CD, before getting hurried away by security.

September 16th was the day of the concert. Got my ass down early at about 1130am to find at least 20 people ahead of me in the queue. Had a tip-off from Ganguro that the first 200 fans to spend $60 on merchandise would get a chance to meet the band after the show for a handshake! Of course I want to win that handshake! Spent the rest of my time in the queue preparing a card for them which I drew myself and mounted. Was so excited.

Merchandise cost me $100, but SCANDAL can take all my money la. Just take it la.

My excitement soon transpired into distaste as certain fans were cutting queues in front of me. I mean I feel it is perfectly fine if you let like 5 or 6 of your friends jump your queue, but 20? that's abit pushing it. Especially when these people who jump my queue, managed to get merchandise ahead of me... And could have potentially caused the small size for the t-shirt to get sold out, forcing me to purchase a medium instead. Irate, I took a nap on the steps.

But then we got in the concert venue just fine, my friends and I even secured some really awesome seats, we were 3 rows from the stage! SCANDAL came on and burst into GLAMOUROUS YOU... The rest as they say, was history. We danced and sang and jumped and fist-pumped the entire night away.

To top it all off, we won that all important handshake! I was so excited to present my gift to them and held back when I shook Tomomi's hand. Haruna held on the longest before I finally met Rina, my favourite member, which I presented my drawings to. She exclaimed, "WOW! Very cute!" - which totally burst my heart into a million suns, I was lost for words and happy like a dog, forgetting that I had even shook hands with Mami, before getting hurried away by security.

It was a truly memorable night, and possibly the happiest one of 2011.


The Daichi Reunion

Daichi was in town this weekend (16th-19th) and we met up with him today for some Chicken Rice. It was great hanging out with everyone and closing this 2 mad joyful weekends for me.

That's right.

Shoutouts to:
The crew for having me on board for TGX, Curren representing MvC3 Singapore and the BFF brand, Yama, Rebel2, players from all Fighting Games who came down to support the event, Random people stopping by the booth to check out what FG is all about, Daichi for being sucha awesome translator, Rchan too, Niko, Brandon and Jaime providing the media coverage, Edz for shooting such wonderful pictures, Vic for being Vic, Ganguro for supporting us with Zoo passes, Rchan again with the assist, Teamchemist, EG, LG, Hong Teck, Mascot for Android, pretty girls from Seow Choon, Sharkface supporting me with the coffee assist, absolutely vital for Sunday's survival, friends and fans of TXL, new and old, stream monsters and trolls, Choco and Momochi, everyone who made BMS 2011 a success, Ganguro (And friends), Kenn and Krystal for the SCANDAL adventure and Rebel2 once more for the Chicken Rice. If I had missed a name, it only means you are in my thoughts.

Photo credits:
Edmund Yeong, Niko, Kelvin Tay and Choco.

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