Monday, October 10, 2011

EG. Momochi (Co) vs Ganguro (Sa) - Battle Medley Singapore 2011, @ TGX. 3v3 Grand Finals

There were only two things that could defeat Momochi back at BMS 2011, one of which was power failure and the other was Ganguro.

In the Grand Finals of the 3v3 event, Ganguro's Team Pumpkin (Together with Tetra and Raymus) went up against Team EG and Friend, where a lucky member of the public was chosen via lucky draw to be in a team with Choco and Momochi.

Tetra, with Yang, did well to take out Julian, who played Abel, before losing out to Choco's Blanka. Ganguro stepped up next in what would be one of the most intense matches of the night, Choco with the heartbreak, losing by time over to Ganguro's magic pixels. Next up was Momochi who did well to come back from round 1 with a Counter-hit setup into Last Dread Dust to level the game but in the end, Ganguro came out tops and won the tournament for the team.

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