Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Home of Team Xialan

 Happy times really do indeed pass by very fast.

As we watch the doors close for the very last time at our former home that is Iluma, we recollect the days of stupid BlazBlue tournaments and that one great Halloween event... The SBO Qualifiers and even the random dog nights at the pick-up point or coffee shop (冰 YOU KNOW)... We feel as though a part of our body has broken down but nonetheless, real men can only move on and thus... Team Xialan has now relocated to one-north.

We have become kings of morning Ice Coffee, beating the regular price of $1.50 and getting ours at only $1.30, very cheap, for an insane sugar/caffeine rush. The many heroes we encounter on a daily basis... The legendary JJ... The sexpot Redbull Elemental... and not forgetting, URGH URGH Osama Lover.

But even through relocation, one thing is always assured. That Florence is the worst of liars and that dog days are truly never over.