Monday, October 3, 2011

A TXL Special: The True Story of E.Tan and Vice Capt.

Valentine's Promo Shoot 2011
For Tornado Entertainment
100% Fictional

The story of E.Tan and how she became the love of the Vice Capt.'s life (completely one-sided) is one filled with Joysticks and Martells.

The Vice Capt. first met E.Tan back in February 2010, during the early stages of planning for the first-ever Tougeki SBO Singapore Qualifiers, together with the team from Much of that event's success was due to E.Tan's high octave work pace and desire for results, complimenting the Vice Capt.'s mammoth ambitions and demands. E.Tan and Vice Capt. were like Andy Carroll and Luiz Suarez, Alien and Predator, Carl and Clover... Call it what you must, but we made one hell of a team.

We went on to do many greater things after that, either business or pleasure, we always had fun, sharing laughs yet never losing sight of the goal at the end. To list them all down, I much rather not, choosing to keep them all close to my heart.

E.Tan is to me, a precious moment in my life, being there for me when it counts, being that girl, standing just behind me, whom I can turn around to whenever for support and encouragement, always willing to help, always cheering, always endearing.

I owe alot that has happened good for me in the FG Scene to E.Tan, and I'll always feel indebted to her.

The walk from Guan Yin Miao, through the coffee shops and into Iluma, will never be the same knowing that it'll be highly unlikely to bump into her somewhere along the way, wearing that ever lovely smile of hers... I'll miss her.

さよなら , My Friend.




Then again, I still have Shawna!

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