Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About that Anime Festival...

The Vice Capt. at the AKB48 Official Shop Singapore 
with AKB Members, Sayaka Nakaya and Miku Tanabe!

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) this year was sucha amazing experience, proving to be bigger and better with the inception of the Cool Japan panels and more exhibitions from the Anime studios and Manga houses. I remember a time, at the first-ever AFA, back in 2008, where they could barely fill the hall, and it became more like an over-sized toy fair, but still, was the first of it's kind and a very memorable occasion. How they improve the event every year just goes to show the dedication they have in bringing about awareness to Japanese culture on a global scale. 

I had great company on that day too, shoutouts to Kenn and Krystal, it was indeed an adventure.


Ignoring the sudden influx of Wooden Swords that were so poorly made, the hilt breaks apart after 5 swings, Strawhats that were in a shade of colour not even matching that of Luffy's... Come to think of it, not even that of the Imposter Luffy after the 2 year time skip... and of cause, overpriced Cat Ear Hairbands... ANYWAY... there was this one moment, as with all fairs like that... Y'know it just gets generally very hard to breathe or walk and everybody's just mad squeezing and trying to find a way through...

But you see I was at the AKB48 booth right, and there was this sea of people just taking photos of the Official Members making an appearance in the store. It was a novel idea, to be able to be served by them, and I honestly felt really happy when I was the only guy buying something from the store and sharing this intimate moment with them, even though Sayaka Nakaya and Miku Tanabe aren't my favourites, it was still special. It left me beaming... 

OK, more importantly, I came around the booth once more, and they made their second appearance there, so as usual, a crowd gathered again, trying to take pictures. Naturally, the pathway was blocked, and we were squeezing, again. That one is still OK, I don't mind or think about it. THEN, a wild Poly Dood, dressed in some H&M T-Shirt and tight jeans, made the infamous remark that caused me to tilt like a G6,

"Aiyah, it's not as though they are gonna strip like that."


And that just sums it up, doesn't it. For all the education we've been put through, whether we were good at it or not, it doesn't matter, because a Man's attention and happiness, is determined by whether a pretty girl will strip or not.

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