Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Xialan... Rollin' Back the Years, with Team Xialan!

Team Xialan - Destined for Greatness, since 1986!

This week, Team Xialan takes you back to the early years... Where we were only 1 years' old, but stylin' and profilin' nonetheless, playing it like it is!

Can you tell which is BOSS and which is Vice Capt.?

Many a great things happened in 1986... On the 3rd of March, Metallica released Master of Puppets... Desmond Tutu became the first black Anglican Church bishop in South Africa on the 7th of September... Amongst many others!

Do you have many a fond memories of the late 80s'? Because that was the era when we were born.

For more about 1986, read the Wiki link here!

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