Friday, November 11, 2011

Of Movement, New Friends, and Strange Encounters

As Jon mentioned earlier, due to a variety of reasons TXL has left its ancestral home ground of Bugis and has moved to troll in a new location: one north.

Many changes have happened in the last few months, and after blowing up the stream at TGX '11, Vx announced that it would be his last tournament, bidding a fond farewell to the stream monsters that provided such fun and laughter trolling the Singapore Expo Hall over two days. Alas, it seems that the old adage of all good things coming to an end applies to friendships and trust as well.

But enough of that. This is supposed to be a positivity-filled post.

To anyone that reads this blog, i say this to you: Take heart. Despite the trials and tribulations of life, despite the heartbreak, hurt and betrayal from those most dearly beloved, there is a silver lining to that great big steaming cloud of shit that God just dumped on you. Friendship is a strange thing, and you never know when you'll meet great people. (Unless of course you're meeting Jon or myself, in which case we'll make it a point to tell you.)

During our short stay at Fusionopolis, TXL has been greatly privileged to befriend some truly wonderful people, people who actually give a crap. Strangest of all, TXL has now become great friends with Salad. Always something of a lurking figure within the Guilty Gear community, it has been our great pleasure to find out that he's actually not that bastard, not that boring, and actually a pretty nice guy.

So shoutouts to our new great friends, Sheena , Huimin , Kenneth and Melvin .

Now if we could only afford to give everyone a t-shirt.

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