Friday, November 11, 2011

Xialan Highlights: Battle Medley Singapore 2011

As the year comes to a almost close, Team Xialan looks back at it's illustrious 2011 career... Which is somewhat bleak, seeing how we never really made appearances at events as regularly as we used to, with Vx on a permatilt and the Vice Capt. pissing on the BFF streams, sometimes awake, sometimes half drunk... Nevertheless, we somehow got together as the original dynamic duo for Battle Medley Singapore 2011, during the 3v3 and 3D Challenge events.

So nicely packaged in a playlist, is our commentary highlights... with infamous lines like,

- "Nobody jump in Street Fighter one la... Unless Leonardo Dicaprio jump first."

- Our ever popular commentary in pretend Japanese ( 手羽先 ! ) and Mandarin ( 我不是犯人 !). 手羽先 ! marks TXL's breakthrough into the Japanese market, making it's debut on Nico Nico Douga to a roaring 3000+ views and counting!

- Vx's swan song, The Prolonged Zao Siah (Which can be seen in the Grand Finals of the 3D Challenge between EG. Momochi and Gackt.)

- Not forgetting, Team Xialan's cameo appearance in and Revid's short film about the Battle Medley experience, titled, Revisited.

So here's the playlist for you, almost 3 hours of footage and audio for you to masturbate over.

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