Sunday, December 4, 2011

Free Hot

I am free as I am hot - With my good friends from Teamchemist - Took a shot to win a Lomo, shoutouts to product placement and how I can so cleverly place the prop over my own branding. 

Today, I played 8 hours straight of Fighting Games including a 2v2 tournament, stopping only for the toilet and rain-smelling.

3 different games with 3 different game mechanics and combos. From Push-Blocking to Plinking to Frame Trapping to Safe Jumping to Unblockables to Parrying, 3 different ways to break throws, 3 different games but they all require me to make decisions in milliseconds, 3 different games but they all require me to look at 10 different things within the game space but all at the same time, consistently press buttons in a specific series or order, some serious brain, eye and hand coordination and forcing the occasional clutch performances... All in 8 hours, straight.

I think I've fully exhausted my brain for a good weeks' worth. I can no longer think or access my rational mind, so much so that I believe, my grammar is suffering.

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