Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look! They Are Friends! - Arpakasso vs Team Xialan

It was the Toy Catcher weekend with Team Xialan. 

BOSS Vx and the Vice Capt. Jonda Pamyu Pamyu faced off against two of the most ridiculously adorable things you could ever find under a giant 3-claw catcher, an Alpaca plushie named, Arpakasso.

"You may have caught me, but you'll never catch my friends! Hahahahaha..."

Round ONE: Alpacrab vs Jonda Pamyu Pamyu 

(Alpacrab  2 - 3 Jonda Pamyu Pamyu)

It all began, while en route to bowl, when we stopped by the Prize Stage at Marina Square, only because we had to go pass it. There, in that acrylic case, guarded by a giant 3-claw catcher and a prerequisite to catch a bigheaded hamster, laid 6 Alpacas.

"Alpaca! So cute!" said Sheena, Hui Min nodded in approval.

"This is easy. I've done this in under $10. If you really want it, I can get it." the Vice Capt. said, with confidence beaming from his nostrils and under his pants.

What proceeded was a back and forth walk of frustration between getting more change, flirting with the Staff, and watching the hamster drop on his head, only to bounce in the wrong direction. Alpaca went 1 - 0 up.

We stood by and watch other people try, only to come nowhere close. It was then, that the Vice Capt. summoned enough change and courage to go for round 2, but the hamster was having none of it, still bouncing the wrong way and out. The Staff was resilient in refusing the Vice Capt.'s kuay-ing advances, which further made the task increasingly difficult. Alpaca was now up with a commanding 2 - 0 lead.

We left dejected, into the bowling alley, though Hui Min was most madpiss out of the lot. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there were 10 people ahead of us and that it was virtually impossible to bowl.

While contemplating our next step, a great unjust was felt within the group. We hummed the tune from the machine, said "No, we wouldn't go back.", yet the idea, wouldn't leave us be. When Vx said that he had to make his exit, Hui Min, Sheena and I, looked at each other with only one objective on our minds: Catch Alpaca.

And so, we made our comeback.

This was most certainly going to be the final fight. The Vice Capt. still chucking them change, hamster still stubbornly falling all over the place but not into the hole. Kuay assisted, but not enough. With Sheena exhausted and the Vice Capt. on the verge of throwing a real fits, Hui Min became our last resort and got us the change we needed, and with that one push of the button, the machine came to a standstill. Lights went running around it, the claw started "clink-clanking" as if to signify an end of days. I turned to look at the Technician, he offered me no relieve. I look back at the claw and it suddenly hit me.

One simple word, set my mind free, there was no failure.


The claw went down, grabbed that hamster on it's sorry-ass and dumped it into the bin like a 3-pointer. We had won the war, Alpacrab was ours, though, he continues to mock me, up until this very day.

"You fool! Hahahahahaha..."


Round TWO: Mr. Alpaca vs Vx 

(Mr. Alpaca  0 - 1 Vx)

That was not the end of it. You see, Alpacrab had been separated from his best friend, and through his repeated mocking, I made it a promise to bring the other back. I summoned a wild Vx to meet me at Marina Square in 2 days time, to settle the score once and for all.

"Let's go live with the humans! Hahahahahaha!"

D-day came and Team Xialan was out and about. Vx started the morning madpissing, while the Vice Capt. went gym-ing to prepare himself physically, for the task at hand. While discussing our strats, I told Vx that if we hit the $30 mark, I would start kuay-ing the Staff.

We stood before the sacred machine. Vx with the first attack, only to suffer the same fate, of the hamster falling backwards, and away from the hole. With only $2 spent, Vx went into Maximum Kuay and flirted with the Staff like there was no tomorrow. 

But having made all the mistakes we could on the previous attempt, we came back here stronger and more prepared. 

As if the sexual harassment from one Vx on Maximum Kuay wasn't enough, the Vice Capt. turned up the heat with a Maximum Kuay of his own, and with their combined yandao-ness, devilish smiles and act-cute faces, the Staff was kuay-ed and could resist no longer. 

As though implying, "上我吧!" , She moved the hamster so much that at least all of it's head, was at the bin already, and all we needed to do was to grab it there, and it would fall over, willingly. 

With the claw in place, Team Xialan said their ceremonial victory words, "Have fub Dude." and Vx gave the final push to send it home. We had won, again, Mr. Alpaca was ours, and loving it.

"I'm fine with anything! Hahahahahaha!"


2012 is the year of the Alpaca.

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