Saturday, December 24, 2011


Team 载我回啦!- Consisting of members from TXL, Teamchemist and Underwater World Singapore.

I got together with a few of my good friends from the FG Scene and played a roaring 5v5 the past Saturday or so... (It's a backdated update) We were really happy to placed Top 3 (We decided, together with the other 2 teams, to call it a draw and split the pot!) despite dropping early, and rather frustratingly, into the Loser's Bracket in the Opening Rounds.

My performance on that day wasn't anything to shout about as I played rather badly. However, my teammates quite simply were supersonic all throughout. Shoutouts to Sean and Clinton, mystery 5th member that cannot be named, and Jasper for the good times and cheers. It makes the world a less lonely place when you have friends cheering for you after every hit-confirm, every combo and every victory.

Team Rebel2 - Consisting of members from the BlazBlue scene + 1 other and a wild Jonda sliding in from half a yard away just to kuay their female player.

So while I was getting pissy after our early drop, I went around the area to check out what these BlazBlue dogs were up to. And like the true Vice Capt. that I am, I shamelessly named myself their 6th member and started cheering for their team (Or shit-talking the other team).

You see Yvonne in that picture? I famously lost to her when our teams met... Much to the approval or disapproval of the crowd that went "Eh you give chance ah?" and "Don't need to gentleman until like that leh."

Even Yvonne herself, after beating me in round 1, turned to me and said, "Don't give me chance, ok?"

I swear to God, be it casuals or tournaments, I hardly give anyone or anybody any "chance", regardless of race, language or religion... Especially race. Only on extreme cases like say, if I'm facing against an ant.

So for the record, she beat me, in a tournament setting, 2 rounds clean. She has improved tremendously from when she first started and I'm proud of her.


All in all, it was good times hanging out with friends. I had loads of fun shit-talking Clinton just before our tournament calling him our weakest link and constantly asking Brandon to sub in for him. He ended up winning more games than I did!

Pictures courtesy of Edmund Yeong Photography

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