Friday, February 10, 2012

First Appearance on OCFTW!

(In case the embed doesn't load, please go directly to the URL to watch the replay!)

Now recently, Joe Bakashi, together with Jason Rubed0, have been running a Street Fighter stream, called OCFTW, which stands for One Character For The Win, to showcase all the glorious talent that Singapore has to offer in this game. The show also does very well to showcase rare matchups and lesser known players.

So Rchan and M_Flo, together with SBK, were scheduled to play on stream that day, when I unexpectedly crashed the show but nevertheless, Joe was nice enough to fit me in, even setting up an extra microphone so I may do some commentary. (Which I have not done for quite awhile, so I apologise for the lack of quality in that department.)

It's about 2 hours long, this run, maybe because we talk a little too much, but still, a very good show indeed, with Rchan showing off alot of high level Cody tech. Aspiring Cody players, this is definitely a video you should be watching! 

Again, shoutouts to Joe and Jason for having us over, we had a good time, and I most definitely look forward to being back on the show at a later date.

And rest assured, I will shameless whore Team Xialan all over the stream, from start to end next time!



With my sudden intrusion into the show, it accidentally became a mini Project RAMPAGE reunion, missing the other members of the team like Ganguro, Spore, Sharkface, Matte, Vx and Jennifer. Between the four of us however, we've been in numerous teams together since Vanilla, like Team Rage, Hana Yori Daigo and Alpha Dogs just to name a few. 

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