Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ganguro vs CrispyChris/Koji on OCFTW, hosted by TXL's Jonda!


Last week on OCFTW, a local Street Fighter stream run by Joe Bakashi and Jason, Ganguro and I were privileged enough to be invited on to the show. 

Ganguro played "First to 5s/10s (FT5/FT10)" with two relatively new players to the game, Koji and CrispyChris, looking to test their mantle against a seasoned player and champion of various Street Fighter competitions locally. And I? Well, I was basically there to sell Team Xialan like the true slut that I am... On commentary duties and hosting.

Ganguro came out tops in the series of concept matches, edging pass Chris's Makoto, 10 games to 8, then proceeding to deliver Koji a crushing 10-0 defeat, playing 5 games with Ryu and 5 games with Sagat. 

Koji and Chris displayed much promise throughout their sets, showing glimpses of their potential at flashing moments and introducing some new mix-ups and setups even someone like myself, who has sat through many, many tournaments watching virtually everyone from the scene play, has never seen before. 

Once again, a big thank you to Joe Bakashi and Jason for granting me free reign over the entire show, I had lots of fun. Shoutouts to Koji and Chris being good sports on the mic and even Chris having a go at commentary with me! And last of all to Ganguro for extending the invitation out to me. 

Until then!

Watch live video from ocftw on TwitchTV

You can catch the replay of this episode right here!
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