Monday, February 6, 2012

Jude Lau and the Memory Bank

Jude Lau stays and works, like the average salary man, in a mundane job as an Officer in the library. One day, he looks for an important document he had seemingly misplaced, only to find it, by slowly retracing his steps, from small details his subconscious had remembered, to it’s place of last seen, a friend’s bag. True enough, was where it laid, three years before and now.

Intrigued by the bottomless potential and intricate workings of his brain, (Which he was certain was dead, for a very long time.) Jude comes to a conclusion, that if he only puts his mind to it, and think backwards, he’ll be able to regain the one thing he’d lost, almost 5 years ago, that was most important to him… The love of his life.

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