Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excerpts from Time Traveling - Operation 1 - Ice Cream

Today, at about 10.30PM, I stopped by the ice cream shop around my workplace, hoping to get some Cookies N’ Cream. To my surprise, most of the flavours had already been kept in the chiller, and I was left in uncharted territory, between good ol' Vanilla and exotic Mango. i was greeted rather enthusiastically,


Said the ice cream girl, friendlily.

(She reminded me of someone from across the street.) 

Startled somewhat by her ardent demeanor, I ordered a Mango gelato after much deliberation. As she proceeded with my order, I began to feel bad for not reciprocating her eagerness in a way she might have preferred, I decided to start a conversation.

“What time do you usually pack up?”

Her eyes were cemented to the scooper. Mine? They weren’t even focused.

“Erm… Usually at 10.30?”
(Scoops away...)

“But I came up at 10.30, and everything was kept already!”

I said in a tone that tells of amateurish seduction.

 With her eyes still glued to the task at hand... She replied,

“Next time you come by in the morning and tell me what you would like... Then I won’t keep that particular flavour away at night.”

What did you just say.

“Wow, you mean I can reserve? That’s cool!”

She laughed as we walked towards the cashier station. I paid for my ice cream and left, staring at my small little cup, exploding from side to side, top to bottom, with a mountain of Mango gelato. Ice cream girl, you made my day.

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