Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excerpts from Time Traveling - Operation 2 - Café Life

The scenic café life. Somebody’s here to open the store, somebody’s here to buy us lunch. Somebody’s here to lend a hand, during these nightly rush hours. A bizarre coming together of individuals, banding together for a common goal. Then after, to each his own, we came and then we're gone. Sat atop the mini fridge in the kitchen out back, for what seemed like 5 minutes, were years... going by. The other girls and boys who came and went, watched the many strange people, smile over classless food. They say service wasn’t all that great here, i say unto you, service isn’t all that great anywhere... And now it's gone... The coming together of bizarre individuals, banding together for a singular cause, coming and going to each his own, there and ever after, nobody said to keep in touch, the some who did, probably never meant it, but the memories were great, and that’s good enough for me.

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