Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come On Everybody Feel The Power, You Can Feel The Steam, It's Teamchemist!

This Saturday, 28th April, the dream team is reunited, the original 2012 lineup... Teamchemist!


Led by none other then Mr. IRS, the Human Centipede, Sean Koe Ju Jin, strongest and most feared by animals in the kingdom. He is able to strangle snakes 10 times his size. Always talks as if he knows and is affectionately called by his fellow Teamchemist peers as, "Retard",

The second in command obviously is, Clinton Hu Wen Yang who is for girls. The one and only Reset King, 100%, Liu Zi Feng, McD. Cardio Umehara. The man with biceps comparable to the size of 3 packets of Nasi Lemak, stacked up. Ladies love his style so much, that once when he was streaking in the arcades (An everyday thing.), 3 girls gathered to watch him play. Unable to resist his sex anymore, one of them walked up to tell him, "Hey you drop your lighter." when in fact, Clinton's lighter was in his pocket the whole time. SHINNING WIZARD.

Next up in the dream team, it's the Stacy Kiebler for men, Bran Chua Hsien Ti, the not-so-fat Bran, the Ah Legs, the FBT bringing sexy back. An integral part of Teamchemist, the spinal cord that holds the team together and the ever sound advisor of the gang. Loves his dog, Coco, and being a monk.

And the rookie of the year goes to... Jeremy Lim Da Feng IS THAT YOU. The good chinese boy turn Matrep and currently under Medaki support. Has a huge fetish for Akuma and plays exclusively Akuma. Will become very agitated when people make fun of Akuma. Aspires to grow up really tan, and angry, just like Akuma.

Last but not least, there's myself, The Vice Capt. , the Natural, the WD40 Kongster, Jonathan Lim Chee Kien the louder than bombs arguably and most controversially the best emceesquared in the universe, who likes supporting his fellow Teamchemist peers with pictures of his shit when taking a piss. A vulgar and angry man by persona, who strongly believes, he completes this team.

So this it... You can feel the steam, it's Teamchemist.

And please do not forget the Grandmasterchemist, Enchemist look who's laming the game NOWWwwWWwW~


The latest on the Teamchemist front, sexy monk Brandon Chua Hsien Ti is unable to make it due to his revolting passion to attend wedding dinners. In his stride, we could not have found a more appropriate replacement killer in the name of the Funan Digital Life Champion 2008, Rchan, Saga Man.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Livin' on a Kikoken - Theme Song for Tommy

Originally featured as the theme song for Paul (VintageSoul), the lyrics have been rework to the main character of this song, Tommy, arguably Singapore's best Chun-Li player.

Tommy likes to turtle whole game
Working on his heavy punch, he brings home the pain
For the win, mmm, for the win

He says we've got to hold on a life lead
It doesn't make a difference if we attack or not
We got EX bars and that's a lot
For the win, we'll give it a poh!

Oh, we're half blood there
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Chase life lead, his opponent alway swears
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken

Tommy always running away
When he goes home at night, Tommy whispers
"JASPER IT'S OK, 载我回!"

We gotta hold on to our life lead
It doesn't make a difference if we attack or not
We got EX bars and that's a lot
For the win, we'll give it a poh!

Oh, we're half blood there
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Chase life lead, his opponent alway swears
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Livin' on a KIKOKEN!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Fifteen Minutes of Fame

When I was young, I dreamt about working in a game center, or a shop, where I could be surrounded by games all the time and playing them from morning to night. I think about how wonderful it would be to work for any one of my favourite game companies like Nintendo, Capcom or even SNK... Watching my favourite games like Rockman, Street Fighter and King of Fighters develop from scratch to end, being amongst the first, to try them out. Yes it would have been nice. Until one day, I turned 25, and was actually given the opportunity to take a step into this possibility of a career in the game industry, even working for one of the biggest publishers, never mind that I went in that to keep the cleaning lady company, nonetheless, awaken to the filth and monotony of things, that at the end of the day, it is still a job, a job surrounded by shrewd, spineless and pretentious human beings. my dreams were crushed. Kids really should not be allowed to grow up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Excerpts from the Memory Bank - The First Man

I was the man.

I was the man of many firsts.

I was the first of flowers on parade.

I was the first of dreams come true

And a myriad of other dreams, coming through.

And then in love,

I was the first in line.

I was the first to go quietly.

I was the first of many such men.

I was the man.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 13 - ありません

Serene days ensured, we carried on our peaceful lives, returning to the way it was, and today, was no exception... Was what we were led to believe.

With the sun beaming on the backs of the surviving members of the now infamous Class C, so did the smiles. 

But what greeted us upon arrival, froze us still with despair. When we had thought, we were absolutely sure we had sent the dead back to death, he appeared, at his desk, with his books and pens out, calm and collected. The rest of the class too, sat as though, nothing had happened. Sensei showed no signs of uneasiness, acknowledging him like he had been there, since day one. 

What we found to be even more disturbing, was the fact that the class attendance had now been leveled... Half of Class C was missing... And could possibly never return... Gruesomely murdered, in the most accidental of ways... Was what we feared.

What did we do wrong? Have we not solved the mystery of the phenomenon? Did we not stopped the calamity? And why are we the only ones who remembered?



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Episode 12 - 死者

Today, I breathe a sign of relief, for the calamity of Class C has finally ended. We somehow managed to send the dead back to death. Unfortunately, the calamity claimed the lives of 2 fellow classmates. Another was smart enough to leave town for the duration of the phenomenon and she has now made it back safely alive. We pray the good fortune will continue to bless the class for the remainder of the semester.



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

Friday, April 6, 2012

Team Xialan on OCFTW - Featuring The Shen Siong Brothers, Raymus and Jovian

OCFTW: The April Fool's Edition Featuring Shen Yuan, Shen Chan and TXL. Jonda

What's so foolish about April anyway?

Last week on OCFTW, if you don't already know, it is the local FG stream run by Joe Bakashi with the occasional Rubed0 assist, that provides a platform for FG friends and lovers to showcase their skills, play a set and have their matches broadcast on the web... Coming back to it, I got together with 2 friends from the scene, arguably THE strongest Soul Calibur players here in Singapore and possibly the world, Raymus aka Shen Yuan aka the bit founder of aka the Wuzzyman Doomy and his good friend, THE reigning SC5 champion of Singapore, Jovian aka Shen Chan aka MimiJojo.

Shen Yuan (Claw) vs Shen Chan (Dudley) FT_5 with TXL. Jonda on commentary

It was nice hanging out with them on stream, playing a few FT_5s back to back, footsie-centric and mid-screen madness, where your defense has to be absolutely top notch and throw breaks count for $100 a tech, absolutely nostalgic... Absolutely enjoyed it. Good, quality Street Fighter, the taste of the sweetest vanilla.

Closing notes!

Shoutouts to Joe Bakashi again for hosting us, and to Raymus and Jovian for taking time off from their busy Soul schedule to do this show with me. I wish them all the best at EVO 2012 this year.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.


- Find Joe Bakashi and OCFTW on his Facebook Group for all the latest updates and show times here. Remember Joe is giving away a copy of Diablo III, all you gotta do is design a brand new OCFTW logo for him. Get to work now.

- Get in touch with the Singapore Soul Calibur team here.

- In this episode, I make constant reference to Raymus's thesis on the mid-range game and defense and you can read up about his theories and thoughts on this forum thread. Even the thread replies provided by various notable members of the scene are equally informative.

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Fourteen Words

I believe there is nothing left to prove,
when you have already proven yourself.